2016 was a smooth year for the infrastructural sector in Garo Hills. Here’s why

2016 was a smooth year for the infrastructural sector in Garo Hills. Here’s why

TURA: What has Garo Hills gained in as far as infrastructure is concerned, well a few if initial indications are to be gauged. Garo Hills witnessed the development of new schools this 2016 as well as the upcoming revamp of the two major National Highways, which is expected to start sometime next year.

2016 was a smooth year for the infrastructural sector in Garo Hills. Here's why


## If initial indications are to be gauged, the National Highways 51 and 62 are set for a complete overhaul in the coming year with survey and land acquisition work already in the latter stages of completion. Both roads will be two laned for the entire stretch and another road from Baghmara in South Garo Hills (SGH) to Ranikor in West Khasi Hills via Rongara and Balpakram also expected to start simultaneously, if not earlier than the others.

## Balpakram and Siju, two of the biggest tourist hotspots in Garo Hills will be covered by these roads ensuring reaching these places becomes a lot easier for the entire country. The projects will be overseen by the National Highway Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NHIDCL) with construction to be done by a Delhi based firm.


## This sector which has been crying for a revamp for decades, saw the beginning of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded school projects with work already under way in all the projects. The school projects (over 30 in Garo Hills for now) will lend a tremendous hand in the development of education – a much neglected aspect in the entire region.

## Adding to the ADB schools, the development of school buildings under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), (a central project) will further boost the aspirants of students struggling with limited infrastructure as well as a limited outlook. The RMSA too has outlined over 30 projects across Garo Hills for the development of schools already in existence.

## Once the ADB projects are completed, students will definitely benefit from the added infrastructure and school education will be given a tremendous fillip. It was informed that most projects in Garo Hills are expected to be completed before time.

The local residents are excited about the recent development while expecting 2017 to be a breakthrough year for the region.

"We have been dreaming of a Garo Hills with proper connectivity and educational infrastructure for decades now and thankfully 2017 should be a breakthrough year for the region. We have extremely high hopes that development will reach the farthest reaches of Garo Hills in the coming years if the tempo of development is maintained. It does not matter whether it comes from the State or Central government," asserted TG Momin, a resident of Tura.

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