10-year old boy weighs 192 kilos

10-year old boy weighs 192 kilos

A ten-year old child from Indonesia who is reportedly the world's fattest boy weighs approximately 192 kilos. The boy who eats five meals a day which consists of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and a traditional soy patty had to quit school as he couldn't even walk a few steps without breathlessness and panting.

His parents cannot even find him clothes that fit so they have resorted to clothing him in a sarong. He has become a tourist attraction as people from nearby places come to take a glimpse of him.

He tried fasting for Ramadan but due to intense stomach aches could not do it. His mother who had taken him to a doctor was shocked when the doctor said he was perfectly healthy. The reason for his immense weight gain is unknown and it cannot be attributed only to his diet.

(Internet sources)

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