Winter is Here! Here are five things to add to your wardrobe

With a blend of tradition and fashion, Naga shawls are must-have clothing this winter.
Winter is Here! Here are five things to add to your wardrobe


Winter is glorious! Why? For a simple reason - It allows us to ensconce ourselves in fluffy blankets and shawls.

December is upon us. It means we are witnessing a persistent drop in the mercury level marking the onset of winter.

Talking about winter, the first thing that came to my mind is - How do I keep myself warm while, at the same time, look fashionable?

There are a variety of items that are worn in winter, but we will limit our discussion to the five items. These items are commonly worn and can be taken into account for a cosy winter. Of course, people like to take care of their health, but fashion and style are also important to cope up with the cold.

Here are the five items of clothing to add to your wardrobe this winter:

Shawl: One of our favourite trends this season is stoles and shawls wrapped around your neck or body.

With a blend of tradition and fashion, Naga shawls are must-have clothing this winter. Naga shawls, worn by the North-easterners particularly the Nagas of Nagaland and Manipur, are thick and warm. They are extracted from a rare worm with premium quality. Naga Shawls are exquisite and colourful.

It is the perfect layer that'll give you a glowing look during the day and keep you warm during the night. Naga Shawls have been designed for both Men and Women.

Jackets: We can make winter super stylish; winter comes with all the gorgeous jackets that are just waiting to be worn.

Jackets have a range of styles from Bomber, Leather, windshield to denim, corduroy, and many more. Layer these jackets over your shirts or T-shirts. From thickly-padded to lightweight jackets, the choice is yours.

For the ultimate winter outerwear, the quilted jacket provides the much-needed warmth when you need it most. The water repellent outer and synthetic filling protects against the wind and rain, too.

Coats: Long maxi coats are cosiest for winter. Pair them with your favourite jeans and boots, and it becomes an everyday wardrobe staple. It gives you both warmth and fashion. Some of them are camel, duffle, cocoon, trench, etc.

Boots: There is no denying the fact that winter fashion is incomplete without a pair of boots. Choosing the right footwear for winter is a simple way to make any outfit look stylish yet comfortable. Some of them are ankle, thigh-high, knee-high, and uggs.

Sweater/Cardigan: Finding the right sweater can be difficult, but there is no sleeker look than a turtleneck sweater. When paired with trousers, it'd make you look chic and is a match made in fashion.

Fastened a jacket or an overcoat over a fitted turtleneck sweater or a gilet over a baggy one, and you will look like a diva strutting on the street.

The above-described items are only the first layer of an unending list of winter clothing. It may also include gloves, socks, scarves, mufflers, cap, and many more.

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