Man emails 246 women to find woman he met at a bar

Man emails 246 women to find woman he met at a bar

TNT Offbeat | September 13, 2018

Boy meets girl, girl gives boy wrong number: some people might take it as a hint, but one Canadian student decided it was a challenge.

He emailed 246 women at the University of Calgary with the first name "Nicole" in search of the one he had met the night prior — causing many of the women on the mass email chain to strike up a friendship.

"We have this Nicole network now," said communications student Nicole Manaog.

The girl gang formed after Carlos Zetina met one Nicole on Thursday when the pair apparently hit it off — but Zetina only managed to snag her first name and a wrong number.

So he sent out an email blast: "Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number," he wrote in the subject line.

But as a Dutch exchange student, Toetenel does not have an email address affiliated with the university in Canada's Alberta province.

The other women, however, began a long thread and soon created a Facebook page they dubbed "Nicole From Last Night" to have a mass conversation sans Zetina.

"We created a Facebook page and we've been chatting that way," said theater student Nicole Rathberger. "It's kind of neat that we've been using the technology to get to know each other."

Some 15 of the Nicoles met up at a bar near the university campus, and the "real Nicole" was finally made aware of the situation through a friend late Friday.

She is expected to attend the next meeting of the Nicoles, along with a least 25 more women.

Zetina finally received word from the object of his affection via text message.

The two plan to get coffee next week, Rathberger told AFP, a date to which the other Nicoles have not been invited.


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