The Gluttones debut single released on Indihut

The Gluttones debut single released on Indihut

The Gluttones is an alternative/pop rock band from Dimapur, Nagaland. The band comprises of Sholo Thong on vocals, Nesavo Vese on guitar, Bimo Semy on keyboard/synth, Mulong Lkr on bass and Katovi Sumi on drums.

The band has performed in notable festivals and shows and has taken part in some renowned competitions held in Nagaland. Currently they are competing at the ongoing Summer Beat contest, Edition-1, initiated by Blend production.

The Gluttones were featured in some of the prestigious magazines from the Northeast. Notably, they have been featured thrice on The Northeast Today magazine.

The band incorporates diverse sound in their songs and we are in for a treat as they will for sure create something spectacular that would soothe the ear. In previous articles, it was mentioned that the band are working on two songs set to be released in the early quarter of 2016 and the wait is over, the band will release their debut single Superhero on Indihut on the 19th of June 2016 at 7 pm. The song was recorded and produced at Element Indie Studio, Dimapur.

June 19th is Father's day and thus the song is a dedication to all fathers out there. "The song speaks about our father who is our real life superhero and they are much stronger even without any costumes on," explained the band.

The song echoes a sensational feeling that connotes an inexplicable emotion on how we look up to our fathers as role models. Their presence is a safety drone which keeps away from things that seems aloof.

"City lights dashing on, starry nights clashing through my dreams, 

    Wondering what's wrong with the skies,

    My vision's all running out…" – an excerpt from the song

The song will be made available for free on Indihut. Indihut is an indigenous online music store from Northeast India which gives a platform for various musicians to spread their music. For more details, visit the band's Facebook page – The Gluttones.

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)

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