Second day of 1st North East Peoples’ Parliament in Imphal

Second day of 1st North East Peoples’ Parliament in Imphal

IMPHAL: On the second day of the 1st North East Peoples' Parliament (NIPP 2015) being organized jointly by Coalition for Indigenous' Rights Campaign, Manipur; Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha and Assam Meitei Apunba Lup, the house adopted to extend support to solve all the problems of illegal influx in the states of North East India.

The house also recommended that Indigenous people and tribes of the North East to avail all the constitutional and legal means to check and control the illegal influx during its 3rd and 4th session of the parliament which was held on Friday at Kangshang, Khumanlampak Sports Complex, Imphal.

Further it also recommended that the working group will be empowered to explore the possibilities of amending Article 5-11 of the Indian Constitution and the Citizenship Act, 1955 to accommodate the interest of North-East indigenous people.

Altogether 37 delegates 2 (two) each from respective ethnic communities of North Eastern states, who have attended the sessions highlighted the problems being faced by indigenous people in their respective states.

A Mising Assamese tribal delegate categorically said, "population influx is a serious threat to the indigenous community in Assam". The uncontrolled illegal migrants in State of Assam create problems in terms of social security, land and religion; this resultantly adds fuel to insurgency movement.

The delegate also observed that many tribal leaders, who laid their souls fighting against the British, from the northeastern parts of the country are not being recognized at the national level. Such a failure to acknowledge the contribution made by tribal leaders in the Indian freedom movement is a form of neglect.

The first step towards our own redemption from the imminent fatal misfortune is identification of the problems we are grappling with. The second one is to bring forth befitting responses, that is, appropriate actions or a process of work to solve the problems. Now we need to reexamine our 'challenges and responses', said SomorendroThokchom, Convenor of Coalition for Indigenes' Rights Campaign.


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