Playing for a Change: The Lynx, exclusive interview

Playing for a Change: The Lynx, exclusive interview

The Lynx are a Hard Rock band from Jowai, Meghalaya formed in late 2009. They are the one who got the magic for mesmerizing people with their genre. They believe in helping the poor and needy one. And ponders that it's not about the money, as long as one is enjoying the show.Immense hard work showered by these people in the off late scene of music made them winners of many competitions within the region. They love experimenting new things but at the same time very much concern about the melody as well.

TNT. Tell us about the band's formation.Did you have to go through an array of shortlisted names before finally settling with the name 'The Lynx?
TL: Our band's formation- it was back during school days (i.e. 2000) we had a band's named "The New Kids in town", we had few gigs during those days. It was the roots to The Lynx. Officially it came to existence on 2009. Our 1st gig was on 12/12/09.

TNT. How does TL compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.
TL: Composing songs-it is mostly about society, the love we get from our family and neighbourhood, about the precious of life, etc.
It is the influence of everyday life.

TNT. Are you self-taught musicians or have you taken formal lessons in music? What is more essential for a band's success is it 'innate talent' or 'learned skill'?
TL: Yes, we all are self-taught musicians.
Mostly innate talent.

TNT. Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band?
TL: We are obsessed with two wheeler.
We have composed a song dedicated to all the "Two Wheeler Riders".

TNT. Any upcoming EPs, albums or announcement from the band?
TL: Till now we are financially low, may be this upcoming winter we will be able to make it possible.
Our upcoming gig- we will be performing at Bob Marley's anniversary tribute concert 06/02/16.

TNT. What is more gratifying to "The Lynx", money or recognition?
TL: Recognition, 'we don't play for the money but for the satisfaction of the listeners'.

TNT. What is the band's other passion apart from music?
TL: Fishing, cricket, eating, riding, hang out, hiking, socialising etc.

TNT. What's your take on the current music scene in the Northeast?
TL: Music as a whole is taking a turn on every one's life, government and many organisations have taking ways and means to improve music especially in northeast. We are proud to be Northeastern.

Thank you guys for taking your time out. We hope the band really prospers in its future endeavours.

The Lynx are:
1. Rymphang Diam shadap- vocalist/ rhythm guitarist
2. Levi.W. War- Vocalist
3. Michael Nongpluh- Guitarist
4. Marco Shadap- Bassist
5. Samborlang Chyrmang- drummer

(TNT News)

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