Paris attack creates history

Paris attack creates history

The unfortunate event that Paris witnessed a few days back was one of the most hideous attacks the world has ever seen in modern times. Bataclan venue, one of the concert destination halls was in the centre of it all, like a slaughter house it was.

Music lovers on their way to Eagles of Death Metal show on a Friday night, enthusiastic enough to see live performances of an American Rock band and like any other day or night, everything was normal, Paris with its magnificent ambient of beauty and mesmerizing structures around the city, no one could have actually thought that terror was upon them.

Our thoughts and prayers are towards those who have fallen victim against the inhumane act but we should also keep in mind that it also marks the very first direct attack on music. The highest number of deaths in this attack was at Bataclan concert hall and the victims were music lovers, was this a terrorist objective? To put fear and announce acrimony even for the music industry.

U2 front-man, Bono said something in light of this issue, "If you think about it, the majority of victims last night are music fans. This is the first direct hit on music that we've had in this so-called War on Terror or whatever it's called,"

If this was an attack meant directly for the music industry it was rather petty and pitiful because it didn't stop an astonishing post-event of musical piece to be played. A man with his piano stood firmly afoot playing 'Imagine' by John Lennon, the song which is about peace and still remains a Peace anthem to this very day says it all.

Music will never stop comforting in times of distraught and songs will be sung to lament the ones who died untimely. An act of war says the French president and actions must be dealt with. Songs of war or songs of freedom either way it's one voice, one nation, one race, one language that binds all the differences and turns it into something we can all stand for and hope for better days.

( Mebanaibor Nengnong)

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