Meghalaya: From a hamlet in West Khasi Hills to a hot-stage in Zing Channel TV, the journey of Bateithymmai Nongrum

Meghalaya: From a hamlet in West Khasi Hills to a hot-stage in Zing Channel TV, the journey of Bateithymmai Nongrum

SHILLONG, March 23 2017: Hailing from a small village of Umthied Bynther in west Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Bateithymmai Nongrum's magical voice has earned her a place amongst talents from across the country in the reality show, 'Yes I Am' hosted by Zing Channel TV in Mumbai.

The internet played a major role in the hunt for talents all over the country. It was through the internet that Bateithymmai got the chance to gave her audition online, where she was subjected to a series of other auditions to ascertain the depth and authenticity of her voice.

It was on February 12 and 13 when the young singer was asked to perform live in Mumbai infront of the judges, where she succeeded and has been selected to compete in the Mega round of the 'Yes I am' reality show.

Like every other reality show, the deciding factor is always the votes, hence, the young khasi girl has urged the resident of the state to support her by voting for her to ensure her victory which will be announced in the month of April.

Recently, while addressing media persons in Shillong, she said "People can vote for me by login to my face book account 'Bateithymmai Nongrum' and by commenting and pressing the symbol of Love in this face book page or by sharing and pressing the like button in YouTube."

Meanwhile President of the All Meghalaya Dancer Association (AMDA) Kitbok Thabah who assisted and accompanied Nongrum today said, "We are shocked and surprise that we have not received even a single response on the memorandum submitted by the AMDA to the chief Minister of the state."

He also informed that a copy of the memorandum was also submitted to member of the Legislative Assembly for them to take up the matter in the ongoing session to uplift the talented youths in the state but sadly none has raise any question on this matter till date.

"We have decided that that if the state government who spend cores of Rupees in various festivals but totally ignores the talented youth in the state does not invite us at the earliest after the Assembly session we will intensify our agitations, "he added.

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