Meghalaya: 7th International Leo Expo kicks off in Shillong

Meghalaya: 7th International Leo Expo kicks off in Shillong

SHILLONG, March 17, 2018: The season for carnivals is here and the 7th International Leo Expo has been able to pull crowds in numbers at the SRGT Polo Parking Lot. Organized by Guwahati-based Leo Advertising, this shopping extravaganza which started on March 9 will be on till March 26 next.

Dubbed as one of the most sought after events not only in the town but in the Northeast region as well, the 7th International Leo Expo, not only pampers the most passionate "shopaholics" with the most prolific of choices, but also caters to those with a tighter budget. The fair comes with the most accommodating plethora of choices lining considering one's budget or the all important economic aspect.

With so many items or things to choose from, the expo not only spoils the visitors with a wide range of items under one roof, the possibilities of any visitor leaving the venue empty handed is almost next to none.

At the expo the shopping spree is tempting new visitors to explore and to spread the word to their peers as well.

Moreover there are participants from Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt, Afghanistan and Turkey. Turkey lamps are a hot favourite at the expo. The lamp shades are made of Morano, a local glass found in Turkey. Each lamp is hand crafted and the designs are unique. The stalls from Egypt are selling handcrafted brass decorative items, wall hanging and furniture. Afghanistan is selling dry fruits and pure almond oil. You will be spoilt for choice in the Thailand stalls where you can purchase jewellery, clothes, artificial flowers, hair accessories and home décor items. Bangladesh stalls are selling handloom products and readymade garments.

Kutchina for the very first time has displayed a wide range of electric chimney, built in hobs, dishwasher, ovens and such. Traders from every nook  and corner of the country are participating and they are selling Punjabi footwear (jutis), furnishings, decorative items, handloom and handicrafts, elegant carved pure teak furnitures, preserves, health and gym equipments famous Kashmiri shawls, stoles , kurtas, Jaipuri bed sheets and Jaipuri quilts, carpets and many decorative crafted items from the world famous onyx stones  , garden fountains, khurja crockeries, paintings and such. For the first time in north east garden furniture made of artificial grass is showcased in this event.

Thai food has drawn huge crowd at the Leo Expo, as one can taste the very authentic Thai delicacy which is prepared there, right in front of you.

Source: The Morung Express

Featured image: The Morung Express

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