Meet Srijana Chettri, an empathetic beauty who is all ready for Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017!
Meet Srijana Chettri, an empathetic beauty who is all ready for Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017!

-By Yougan Tamang

As the day for the grand finale of "Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017"nears and the preparations underway in full swing, we bring to you exclusive interviews of the 17 contestants, giving you an insight of why they are worthy of the win. Today we bring to you contestant number 7:

For 21 yrs Srijana Chettri, her morals, ethics and integrity constitute her life's anchor point. A firm believer of goodness, she finds comfort in helping the needy. Already involved in a number of philanthropic activities, she aspires to grow into a kind yet strong individual. Born on 4th June, 1996, to parents, Renuka Chettri and L.B. Chettri at Temi Tarku, South Sikkim, Srijana completed her schooling from Deorali Girls Senior Secondary School. Currently employed under the Forest, Environment & Wildlife Department, Govt. of Sikkim, she plans to pursue her graduation simultaneously. With a winning attitude towards life, Srijana now eyes to win the much coveted "Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017" title. Know more about this Sikkimese beauty in the excerpt below from her interview.

Q. How would you describe your personality?

A: I am sensitive and optimistic individual who is simple and light hearted. I bear the ability to stay calm and sweet even during unpleasant situations.

Q: What according to you are the qualities needed to become a beauty queen?

A: I believe that the most important quality a beauty queen should possess is a beautiful soul. Along with it, she should be confident and kind.

Q: Did you always want to participate in beauty pageant or particularly Miss Sikkim?

A: Yes, I had always dreamt about participating in such kind of pageants because it will help me build myself and also I can gain a lot of knowledge about the glamour field.

Q: How will winning the Miss Sikkim 2017 title change your life?

A: Miss Sikkim will be my first step towards modeling. I regard this pageant as a huge platform for girls like me who aspire to become models.

Q: What is woman empowerment according to you?

A: Women empowerment for me is giving respect and importance to women at par with men. Though the government has already been taking initiatives towards women empowerment, I believe that real empowerment of women lies in the hands of the women; as the saying goes, "Charity begins at home."

Q: Your future plans?

A: I aspire to succeed in everything I do. I want to become my parents' backbone and to help people in need especially under privileged children and senior citizens at old age home(s).

Q: Your role model(s)?

A: My role model is my mother. She is my inspiration and a blessing from god to me. I wish to be like her- compassionate and strong.

Q: Your hobbies?

A: I constantly keep busy myself with singing, dancing, cooking and traveling. But mostly I love to spend my time with elders and children as I feel these are the two stages of life when they need utmost love, care and attention.

Q: Lines/quote that describes you the best:

A: Give respect to gain respect, become a friend to everyone and help all. Success without integrity is failure.

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