Khasi song ‘Kamai Ia Ka Hok’ to be used by International filmmaker

Khasi song ‘Kamai Ia Ka Hok’ to be used by International filmmaker

SHILLONG: Summersalt's 'Kamai ia ka Hok' is all set to be used in a docu-fiction movie by a Bangladeshi filmmaker. 'Kamai ia ka Hok' the song that has gathered thousands of views on YouTube and written by Shillong's folk-fusion band Summersalt will be part of the movie 'Deaftones', a docu-fiction on the life of the Khasi people living in Bangladesh.

"After knowing the genuine intention of the film and how it will stand a chance to help the Khasi people in Bangladesh, we felt that it is right for us to give the song to the film makers. We did this for the larger interest of the Khasi people in that country", said band member, Baiaineh C. Shangpliang.

Summersalt members had authored a few songs touching on the fine lines of cultural identity of the Khasi – Pnar people, and have always felt that songs written on those ethnic cultural themes though could creatively belong to the authors, but culturally inspirationally therefore intellectually, these works of art should be made freely available for the public to use or not use them.

The giveaway of this one track to 'Deaftones' was done with this thought in mind. "As we wrote these songs, we're also conscious that we've never had our opportunity to ask for specific permission from the people whether they live here, or in Ri Bhoi, or in Ri War, or in the hills of our Pnar friends. And because these songs dwell on the philosophy, history and anthropology of our people – we don't feel morally right to restrict others to sing it" said Kit Shangpliang, Managing Member of Summersalt.

This will be Summersalt's second venture into films after one of their originals made it to Bollywood to be part of the film "Rock On!!2". 'Deaftones' by Md. Anwar Hossain, a Bangladeshi filmmaker documents the resilience of the Khasi people, the faith in their God and in themselves and the challenges around their land, their language, their culture and their livelihood. The film may depict ways and means of how the Khasis of Bangladesh stand against cultural vendettas and globalization and with them stands the peace loving and likeminded voice of the great country Bangladesh.

Hossain also added, "This film is about the Khasi people who live in Jaflong, Srimongal, Nizpat, Jaintiapur and Sylhet. I am happy I could facilitate the documentation of such brave personalities in film form our own cinema and our own story in our own language'".

As for 'Deaftones' scheduled to release later this year, the filmmakers are looking at screening in national and international platforms.

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