Don’t be so quick to judge

Don’t be so quick to judge

Days after the Paris attack, while the world united and held hands in prayer for the victims and those affected, a Pastor of the Faithful World Baptist Church, Steven Anderson slammed the attack by labeling the victims as "devil worshipers!" This he did because of the American Rock band that was playing at the Bataclan Theatre goes by the name of 'Eagles of Death Metal'.  Pastor Steven Anderson clearly has no clue whatsoever as to who this band is let alone ever heard a single line of their songs.

This is what the Pastor had to say – "When you go to a concert of death metal, somebody might get killed! You know, you're worshiping death! And then, all of a sudden, people start dying! Well, you love death so much, you bought the ticket, and you love worshiping Satan! Well, let's have some of Satan's religion come in and shoot you!…"

Ironically, 'Eagles of Death Metal' aren't 'death metal' at all.  In fact the band name was meant to be satirical.

Well, the perpetual face-palm to his comments are endless.

Ranting about how deserving this senseless massacre was and blaming the victims is just heartless. Embarrassing enough that the pastor calls himself a leader of faith and religion.

Terrorism is not a religion and music is not the cause of these tragedies!

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