Arunachal Pradesh Heavy metal/Hard Rock band debut EP releasing soon

Arunachal Pradesh Heavy metal/Hard Rock band debut EP releasing soon

Soul of Phoenix, formed in the summer of 2011, is a heavy metal/hard rock band hailing from Aalo, West Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh and currently based in Shillong. Since their formation, the band has been performing a lot of gigs making a name for themselves around the Region.

The band's style is reminiscent of classic rock, heavy metal .

The band comprises of David (Vocals), Anand (Guitar), Narmee (Bass), Noah (Drums).

Here's an exclusive interview with David Angu, the Front-man of the band sharing some insights on the band's debut EP to be release soon.

TNT. Greetings from TNT, David can you tell us something about the band?

S.O.P: Well 'SOP' consists of 4 members namely Anand (Guitar), Narmee (Bass), Noah (Drums) and I do vocals/Guitar for the band. The band was formed in the summer of 2011 at Aalo, Arunachal Pradesh. Basically we play Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock genre.

TNT. The band takes its influences mainly from heavy metal or are you influenced by other genres as well?

S.O.P: We are influenced by old school heavy rock/metal bands, like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Guns n' Roses, Steelheart, Skid Row and many more such bands.

TNT. How did the band come together?

S.O.P: During our high school days the four of us used to jam at our homes and decided to form a heavy metal band. Then finally we lined up in the summer of 2011. We got a chance to perform at a local gig called Youth Fest, in Aalo. That was the very first gig of 'SOP'. Some people liked our music and some didn't. After that we played some more gigs there. And then I, Anand and Noah came here in Shillong and Narmee went ton Guwahati for further studies. In 2013 we got a show at Café Hendrix. And after gig, people started knowing of our band and we got more gigs in Guwahati. Also we played in Arunachal Pradesh. That's our story.

TNT. Your new music video 'love has gone away' is really great and catchy. Walk us through the song, how did you write the song, what influenced you?

S.O.P: During my high school years,my friend LEKKU YUDIK and I wrote this song during our stay in the hostel. This song is all about today's society, people fighting each other, and the soldiers of our country fighting/dying, sacrificing their lives just for us. So, we felt that love has gone away from our society. We recorded this song this year (2015) at our own home studio here in Shillong and decided to make a debut music video for the song. The video was shot and edited in Guwahati by our own friends. We are very thankful to them.

TNT. When's the EP due? Share us some light on the new EP which you will be releasing soon

S.O.P: Well, the EP comprises of 6 songs. 2 tracks will be new glam rock, 2 will be old school classic rock and we have 2 love ballads.

Basically we write songs that are against the use of drugs and anti-religion. We are all for love.

TNT. Thanks guys! We wish you the best. Got any last words to say to the people reading this interview?

S.O.P: Yes, I want to convey a message that without you guys we are nothing, so do support our music and believe in equality. Keep listening to our music.

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Check out their official music video 'Love has gone away'

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)

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