An upcoming young artiste from Arunachal Pradesh, Boby Techi

An upcoming young artiste from Arunachal Pradesh, Boby Techi

Meet Boby Techi, a young upcoming pop-indie singer from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh who has won the LG Songstar of the year Award 2013.

Techi comes from a family of music enthusiasts (the roots for her passion in music) and was the front-woman of an all-female rock band The Vinyl Records in 2010. However, she left the band due to personal reasons, but still maintained a healthy relationship with the band.

Her first onstage appearance was at the opening night of Donyl Polo School of Music in Itanagar, owned by the manager of The Vinyl Records, Getem Apang.

On leaving the band, Techi went on to cover songs by various artists, from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry and the likes which she uploaded on YouTube for exposure and recognition.

'I adore' by Mindy Gledhill was her first upload and since then she has never stopped covering songs.

But perhaps it's important to note that her breakthrough came went she was a contestant at the K-pop India contest 2013 as enumerated above, winning the LG Songstar of the year award.

On May 2014 she released her debut single 'Only You' which was positively reviewed by Indihut who described it as "a song which gives you a rush of bliss and bubbles popping in your hearts." Her second single 'Black and White' was released on February 27th 2015.

One can say that her songs have a touch of soul and a soothing melody which is captivating and worth a listen but she's not just a singer/song-writer. In 2014, she had a minor role as an actor in a short-film 'Strangers in my Land.'

 Here's the single 'Black and White,' check it out!

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