An exclusive interview with Shillong Progressive Metalcore band: Symphonic Illusion

An exclusive interview with Shillong Progressive Metalcore band: Symphonic Illusion

Symphonic Illusion, a Progressive Metal-core/Death-core band from Shillong, Meghalaya formed in 2011 recently restructured their genre from Progressive Metal to Deathcore to add more life into their musical style for the listeners. Since this new adaptation and new line up, the band played its debut show at Shillong Battle Rock 2014 follow up by many gigs across the region. Their lyrical theme expresses the adversaries faced by the band individually and as a whole and has a mutual experience that interfaces the struggles and quenching desires to reach their objectives as a band. They have released two singles: `Collision Theory' and `The Final Signs'. Both singles received positive feedback from their fans.

The band consists of five members:

Amedious Nongbri (Vocalist)

Meban Steven Lyngdoh (Guitars)

Stevie P.K. Lyngdoh (Bassist)

Harvest Lalthazuala (Drummer)

Samboklang Lyngdoh (Keyboardist).

Today we have Meban Steven Lyngdoh (The Guitarist) from Symphonic Illusion with TNT –  The Northeast Today.

TNT.  How's it going in the Symphonic Illusions camp?                     

Steven: Thanks for having us TNT. We're doing fine here. We just recently performed at Rockathon Beat Contest in Amlarem this October. Everything's doing well. Currently we are in writing mode and jamming to our new songs after a month's break.

TNT.  How would you describe your sound? And what's the reason behind choosing this genre?

Steven: Our sound can be compared to a mix of several genres. We all have different tastes in music which enables us to come up with different approaches, styles and ideas that can be put it in one piece.

We actually started out as a Progressive Metal band in the year 2011 till mid-2014. During that period, we were under pressure as our music was not liked much. We had negative comments and feedbacks and so that was the turning point when we finally agreed to change our genre back then. 

TNT.  How does SI compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.

Steven: While writing and composing music, we usually sit together, discuss and make a chart stressing on the elements of the song. We would come up with a riff or a keyboard intro for e.g. Once the song progresses, we would start recording bit by bit, analyzing through the process, make changes wherever necessary. The final touch is varnished in the jam room.

As said earlier, we all have different approaches in composing a song, which automatically converts itself into a whole new dimension of writing song as a band.

TNT.  Besides the band, what do you guys do as individual?

Steven: We are all working except Sammy who's still in college. A part from being in a band. I'm a music teacher at a counseling center. When I get time, I would rather read or spend my time practicing, composing music/lyrics. I usually spend my time with friends the whole evening. Ame is mostly busy with his work and loves to spend time with his family. Our bassist loves bike riding/racing. He also record demos for other bands as well. Harvest, our drummer spends most of his time drumming, composing music, and Illustration (Logo-design). And lastly Sammy does a lot of freestyle football. He too has composed a couple of tracks of his own.

TNT.  What bands inspired you to follow their footstep?

Steven: Bands like Periphery, Haunted Shores, Auras, Chelsea Grin, August Burns Red, Underoath, Texas in July, Dream Theater etc. inspires us

TNT.  Have you decided to release your E.P/Album or Video?

Steven: We will start recording all our tracks (5 of them) by January. Hopefully by the end of 2016, our EP will be out.

TNT.  What's your take on the Northeast rock scene at the moment?

Steven: The NE scene is gradually doing well at the moment. At least we see concerts, gigs happening in other parts of NE every now and then. We hope we'll see more gigs coming to our hometown in the years to come.

TNT.  Now that you have been doing this for so long, what are your primary goals, as a band?

Steven: Our main goal now is to spread our music and connect with other people/musicians as well in order to uplift our fan base not only in our hometown but other places as well. Secondly, our music should sound good, have good vibes and matured. When people come to a gig, they want to hear a good music piece, the crowd wants to have a good time or whatever makes them happy. So I think we got to be in that position where you and the crowd can have a great time together.

TNT.  So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

Steven: We usually practice 2-3 times a week, and we start our jam sessions during warm-ups just to see how much we interact musically and jam in a freewheeling environment. During that time, new riffs, ideas just pop in eventually and it often leads to writing a new song.

TNT.  We wish you guys for a bright future.

Steven: Thanks Ritu on behalf of the band, and also thanks to TNT.

(Ritu Raj Boruah)

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