10 lesser known facts about Prince

10 lesser known facts about Prince
  • Prince's birth name was Prince Rogers Nelson which was actually his father's stage name in a jazz band called The Prince Rogers Trio.
  • It is said that Prince played 27 instruments on his debut album For You
  • Before Prince shot to fame he was flat broke and would stand outside McDonald's just to smell food.
  • Prince once cancelled a Japanese tour to record an album just to impress his crush, Batman's actress Kim Basinger.
  • Prince made a cameo on a TV show New Girl. Apparently he emailed Zoey Deschanel and asked her to featured him on the show since he was a big fan.
  • Prince had plans of releasing an album Camille where he sang all the songs in a female voice.
  • It is estimated that Prince wrote over 600 songs throughout his amazing musical career.
  • Prince was really into sex given the content of most his lyrics.
  • Prince fathered a child 'Boy Gregory' who died in 1996 from rare genetic condition called Pfieffer Syndrome. He was just one-week-old.
  • NBA player Carlos Boozer was actually Prince's landlord in 2006.

(Source: Internet)

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