Nominations for TNT-Food and Drinks Awards 2017- Shillong edition

Nominations for TNT-Food and Drinks Awards 2017- Shillong edition

In a first of its kind, TNT-The Northeast Today brings to you its first ever TNT-Food and Drinks Awards 2017, Shillong edition. The award comprises of various categories from some of the Best Restaurants in town to the Best Cafes and also nominations will be on various pubs, bars, bakeries and local food joints in the city of Shillong. People can vote for their favorite hangout places through online voting or by visiting the official website of TNT-The Northeast Today.

Today's highlight will be on the list of nominations for the Best cafe in town. Here goes the list:

The Grub (Laitumkhrah): Is the first Bistro of its kind in the city. An idea and outcome of a husband-wife venture- Mac Oliver Rynjah and his wife Banrisha Lyndoh. Completing the Bistro are bakery items by Banrisha's niece Naphisamanbha Mawroh resulting in the name of the Bistro as The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver. Sam stands for Samnbha bakery and BeeOliver is a combination of the duo, Bee for Banrisha as she is commonly known and Oliver for Mac's nickname. The duo being foodies wanted to start something minimalistic, serving up comfort food as well as learn along the way.

Hashtag Cafe (Laitumkhrah): Owned by Vicky Kharkongor,this cafe started recently on September 22, 2017. Unique recipe, good music (Live), friendly and creatively built ambiance, advertising space and a hospitable staff is what defines it- A place for those who choose to differ.

Mellow Mood Cafe (Laitumkhrah): A perfect setting for acoustic music, fun and a quick cup of coffee with friends and colleagues. Mellow Mood is quite famous among the youngsters and is one of the popular hangout places in town.

Zest Cafe (Laitumkhrah): Creativity redefined, a destination for art lovers who while sipping a cup of coffee can experience the different shades of life.

Munchies (Laitumkhrah): Famous for the Juicy Lucy Burger, Gourmet Maggi, Music and more, Munchies is definitely a regular hotspot for Shillongites to chill and relax after a hard day's work.

Living Roof Cafe (Laitumkhrah): A rooftop cafe which is famous for its landscape view and famous for its continental, oriental and mughlai dishes. The Living Roof Café is a place to share creativity; to a food lover it is a place to fig into a good meal. The prices are fair for the quality which is good. Step in during Sundays for their Sundowner and you get to tap your feet to different local musicians performing.

Lil Chef Cafe (Laitumkhrah): A cafe in the heart of Laitumkhrah (Police Point), Little Chef Cafe has an extensive menu. The menu includes crispy fish with batter sauce, fried chicken wings, french fries, spaghetti with prawns and garlic sauce, burgers, lasagne, pasta, hotdogs and many other options.

Swish Cafe (Laitumkhrah): One of the first cafe's in Shillong, Swish is a favorite among youngsters. Situated at Laitumkhrah near Police Beat House, Swish café offers more than coffee i.e. coffee, laughter, tasty food, ambience….just a few reasons to keep going to Swish. One can also enjoy reading in this cafe.

Cafe Shillong (Laitumkhrah): This café is situated in LP Building, Laitumkhrah Main Road, Nongkynrih. This café is just one amongst the other chain of restaurants' and cafés owned by Larsing Ming. With perfect live music, great food, great location and perfect ambiance, this is the place to be in.

Bread café (Police Bazar and Laitumkhrah) :Yet another favorite among youngsters and elders furthermore this is one of those cafés which is affordable and also offers great food and coffee. Situated in the heart of the city, GS Road, Police Bazar and also has a branch in Laitumkhrah. One should visit this café if you're looking for a place to chat with old friends and want to bite in a great variety of pastries.

Three Pines Cafe(Laban):Situated at the heart of Laban, this cafe is a must visit. A joint venture by two siblings- Lavinia and Gary Nongrum the cafe serves one of the best continental, Chinese and Indian dishes in town. A perfect place to chill and relax, this cafe has one of the best settings and provides a perfect getaway.

Dylan's Cafe (Cleve Colony): As the name suggests, this cafe is a tribute to the legendary Bob Dylan. Started in January 2016, the cafe serves multi-cuisines from specialties to one of the best breakfast menus in town.

Open Up Cafe (Jaiaw and Mawroh): Famous for its hotdogs and burgers, Open Up Cafe was first started in Jaiaw 3 years back by Samuel Warjri. The Cafe became so popular that it extended its branch to Mawlai Mawroh in October 2016. The food ranges from continental to Chinese. The Special Pork Ribs is a must try in this cafe.

ML-05 Cafe (Upper Shillong): Away from the hustle and bustle of life, this cafe celebrates Shillong's love for cars, bikes and food. A concept cafe, ML-05 serves the travelers as a pit stop before heading to Sohra. A perfect place for families, friends, colleagues to get together after a busy life.

Cafe Shillong Heritage (Cleve Colony): If you're looking for a place where you could enjoy architecture, painting and perfect food and ambiance, this is the place to be.

Light Op Cafe (Nongrim Hills): A cafe with a perfect setting, Light Op offers you one of the best coffee in town. If one loves Cafe hopping this place is definitely a must visit.

You & I Arts Cafe (Mawroh): A brilliant concept started by Wanphai Nongrum,this cafe aims to get the youth (most of whom are presently swayed by the modern gears) engage in something unique and out-of-style by harnessing their potentials with an aim to instill a sense of confidence and bring out the best in them. A hangout zone for youth, the cafe offers you one of the best local khasi food.The special Putharo-Dohjem is one to die for.

So Shillongites get ready to vote for your favourite Cafe in the city!

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