EVENTS | Shillong Endurance Motorsports College Campaign kicks off

EVENTS | Shillong Endurance Motorsports College Campaign kicks off

EVENTS | Oct 18, 2019:


The Shillong Endurance Motorsports Club (SEMC) kicked off its Phase 1 Event Promotion,which is an Awareness Program with the Colleges and the Universities in and around Shillong.

This year's underlying theme of the event is "Know your HIV Status, Get Tested" where team members encourage the students to come forward and visit ICTC at the nearest Health Centres; or at the Venue during the course of the event starting 14th – 16th November 2019 at ÏewShyllong-Umtyngngar, just few kms away from Shillong city.

The First Phase of this year's Event promotion commenced today (18th Oct 2019) at Martin Luther Christian University. This program was attended by the SEMC team members and spokesperson from MSNPP Mrs Agui Daimaei.


Assistant Professor of the BSW Department, Ms Nadeen Pakynteiñ, who is also the Deputy Nodal Officer of the Red Ribbon Club MLCU, was instrumental in giving SEMC the platform to address students of the Social Work Department.

The audience were briefed about Shillong Endurance Motorsports Club and its collaboration with Meghalaya AIDS Control Society. Issues covered by Mrs Daimei included benefits, support system, the treatment process after screening and diagnosis of HIV, behavioural issues,preventative measures to help stop the spread. She encouraged the students present to overcome the fear of stigmatisation about knowing their status.

This brought about a positive response from the students present followed by a question and answer round.


'This has been a warm welcome for the team, and we look forward to such receptions in the following days to come from the other colleges," said the organisers.

This Awareness Campaign will continuetomorrow the 19th Oct 2019, with Shillong College at noon.

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