Shillong hip-hop artists release new single "Manifest"

The song "Manifest" speaks on being a bad apple but with the inner disposition of being accepted as you are.
Shillong hip-hop artists release new single "Manifest"
Reble x DappestMix & Flow


Shillong's hip-hop artists Reble x Dappest recently released a song called "Manifest" on October 21, 2020.

The song is a combo pack of punchy lines and smooth melody from the duo, that speaks on being a bad apple but with the inner disposition of being accepted as you are.

Here is what the artists themselves have to say about Manifest!

"This song is about being a black sheep. It's simple and plain yet it has a very impactful message. I've always been a rebel and this song is all about expressing that side of me. I don't like it how people alter themselves to be accepted. It's almost like everybody is just trying to get views and acceptance. I don't wanna fall under that category.

My team mix and flow have always inspired me to be myself. They have been guiding me since 2018. My producer Dmon has also had a huge impact on my improvement. They always push me to outgrow myself. I have big dreams and so does my team. I personally don't like the thought of selling out and it scares me at times. It's crazy how people literally give away their dignity for some clout. All I know is that's something I'll never do."-Reble

"This song was experimental in a way. We were trying to incorporate two different genres and mash them into one. The recording process was a rollercoaster as well as the creative process too. From trying to find the links that sound right, from the verse going into the hook, it was a brainstorming process. Finally in the end, with the efforts of the OG, D-Mon and that very precise and articulate Ardon, we managed to come through and execute the track in a way that brings the whole mix together.

As for the wordings of the song, they truly stem out from my experiences recording with Mix n Flow studio productions. From their teachings about not feeling entitled, no matter how much attention you draw, to being humble and helping out in the smallest ways possible. What I was basically trying to say was not letting the flashy things blind your vision and staying true to yourself. A small part of my verse also speaks about flaunting money which hasn't exactly been earned by one's own hard work, but merely a facade. A showcase of generational wealth, but not having any contribution to it whatsoever. The last lines speak about me giving my appreciation towards the older brothers in the game for respecting my form of craft and providing me with a lot of opportunities to showcase what I got. At the end of the day, it's all about being grateful.

The goal for me is definitely to reach the top and show people that artists from the smallest of places can land a spot on the Billboards, win awards and inspire. Creating a trail of inspiration for the youngins who want a crack at this music thing is my most important mission. I do this because of my undying love to continue making music."-Dappest

The crew members of the song are, D’Mon(prod.), Sankirang L. Khongwir(Direction, Cinematography & Editing), Dawan Lawai (Assistant Cinematography), Donboklang Khongwir (Album Art), Phoenix Collection (Costume), Mix & Flow Productions Ardon S. Rumnong(Recording & Mastering), Haniel R. Kharlukhi(Guitar).

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