Tripura :Trozan Horses and fifth columnists in; BJP heads for trouble!
Tripura :Trozan Horses and fifth columnists in; BJP heads for trouble!

-By Tapas Dey

July 9, 2017: The illusion of fast-paced growth ostensibly achieved by BJP over the past one year seems headed for an early end with the entry of six Trozan Horses headed by Sudip Roy Barman and lone Congress legislator and rank opportunist Ratan Lal Nath. All these elements who destroyed Congress over the past four decades for personal and familial gains , working virtually as Congress agents will shortly join the BJP to destroy the Hindutwa party from within . There is a context to this sordid episode : Ratan Lal Nath had been squirming in Congress following his unceremonious ouster from the post of leader of the opposition by Sudip Roy Barman and sought greener pastures in BJP. Sudip Roy Barman was seriously in trouble over his land deals and ouster of UPA from power in Delhi as it deprived him of lucrative contract and supply orders. Sudip for a long time has been spinning money anonymously in partnership with his corrupt brothers and a servile friend Suman Bhattacharjee. He had joined Tinamool to retrieve his vital real estate interests in Calcutta with the help of Trinamool vice president Mukul Roy but his business empire and earning from Centre and state suffered and started thinking of joining BJP salivating for pelf with help from resource-rich BJP. His overtures had been rejected but he got succour from equally corrupt but much more capable Assam BJP stalwart Himnata Biswa Sarma and finally promised to vote for BJP's presidential candidate R.N.Kovind as a prelude to joining the party. His spineless lackeys, the five remaining MLAs never had any voice and they followed suit . Now it is a matter of time only before the entire pack join the Hindutwa party, more out of greed than anything else.

Since the drama is still unfolding , it may be timely to take a stock of the situation . Whatever may be happening in BJP, it is more or less clear that Congress stands to gain from this sooner rather than later. Already a large number of BJP leaders and hundreds of workers who had left Congress and to join Trinamool and BJP because of the depredations of Sudip and earlier his father have started sounding out Congress for rejoining the party. It is now only a matter of time before these leaders and workers rejoin Congress to save their political careers.

The reason is not far to seek. It is the father-son duo , Samir Ranjan Barman and Sudip Roy Barman who have destroyed the entire opposition politics in Tripura because of their avarice, arrogance and anti-Congress activities for personal and familial gains. In the year 1977 after Congress had relegated the CPI (M) to third and second positions in Loksabha elections in Tripura , Samir Ranjan Baman had defected from the party with a group of deserters to form two successive coalitions with the CPI (M) which took full advantage of the situation and pulled the rug from under the feet of the defectors. In the next assembly polls left front gained power for the first time by winning 56 out of sixty seats. Samir's perfidy and subversive activities continued to weaken Congress from within and it was his disastrous one year chief ministeship between 1992-1993 that totally decimated the party and Congress could secure only 11 seats. Their subversion of the leadership and organization continued but Congress manged to obtain reasonably good number of seats at 20 and 19 in the assembly polls of 1998 and 2003 but after that it was all over. Samir had become PCC president in 2005 and , ably backed by his son, managed to earn a lot at the cost of Congress. In 2008 Congress could secure eleven seats only but under Sudip's stewardship the part was relegated to only 10 seats in 2013. All along the father-son duo have worked as agents of CPI (M) to destroy Congress with Ratan Lal Nath collaborating from the sidelines.

But Sudip's perfidy is much more than can be enumerated with proof and evidence. When his father was minister Sudip attained engineering and law degrees-both by brazen copying and gathering no knowledge of either engineering or law . Apart form this , it was widely suspected that Sudip was behind the murder  the then Youth  Congress general secretary Debal Deb in 2004. There is no proof and there was no investigation either at the indulgence of CPI (M). Similary Sudip had beaten up an army colonel before the 2013 assembly polls and had got AICC observer Dr K.Jaykumar physically manhandled besides having Abhijeet Mookherjee,son of President Pranab Mookherjee beaten up by his cohorts. These are merely tips of the ice-berg as there is nothing in the world which Sudip can not do for money and there is nothing he has left undone. Till his ouster from the post of leader of the opposition which he heavily encashed Ratan Lal Nath was an active collaborator of Sudip and his father. It is these elements that prevented Congress from coming to  power in Tripura as agents and Trozan Horses of CPI (M).

It is in the fitness of things that the entire tainted group have joined the BJP . The party will realize what it means working in politics with such friends who preclude the emergence of real enemies . A lage number of disgruntled Congressmen who left the party from sentimental reaction and in response to the depredations of Sudip-Samir duo will now make a beeline for the party. As it is , Congress with its regional allies have a vote bank of 45% in Tripura and even if it does not remain intact the party will keep its presence at an honourable  in the state while BJP's bubble will burst at the seams.

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