Time of the Writer: Straight from the Fruit (Part 3) – by Lyngksiar N. Khongwir

Time of the Writer: Straight from the Fruit (Part 3) – by Lyngksiar N. Khongwir

With time, college work was getting stressful for Lily. She wasn't being productive at her work lately. She didn't feel motivated or inspired to produce a great design. It was mostly during times like these that she would go for long walks because that would usually help her think.

It was during one of these walks yet again that she would find herself visiting 'Straight from the Fruit'. Those shakes she would have lifted her mood every time. Somehow, after returning back home, she would be seemingly happy and that mood would allow her to work. She liked being there a lot. She liked talking to Aaron and Aunty Lizzie. Their friendship grew with time.

Considering how things went about, Daphne mentioned to Lily once that may be Lily and Aaron are meant to be friends. Daphne did overheard them both talking the other day about how Aaron was choosy about his friends, so according to Daphne, may be Lily made the cut.

As days and weeks passed, Lily would find herself there often. Even it didn't mean going there for a shake, she would just simply go there to sit at that place, staring at life outside the glass window and drowns herself in thoughts.

One Saturday afternoon, as Lily finds herself there, Aaron was alone handling the shop. There were no customers yet. Lily had always been curious and finally that day, she asked him, "What instigated you to start up your own business?" Aaron smiled, relaxed himself and answered Lily, "I think I just wanted to stand out. Something which is not normal. I don't like normal. And the very fact that I have some sort of targets and some kind of goals instigated me. I have some dreams and every day I wake up and I realise its pointless living without a goal, without a dream and by nature, I'm very motivating so I motivate myself that I want to get there, to reach my target. I believe that if I want to have a nice decent life, I have to have these goals and I want to achieve them by hook or by crook. I also realise that having a salary job won't get me anywhere. So I thought, I'll start up my own business. I like being the boss of my own, to follow the rules of my own."

After hearing so much, Lily got even more curious. She felt like there was a deeper which Aaron is probably not telling her. She made it a point to know more. So she casually asked him, what he dreamt of being as a kid. Aaron responded that he didn't have any such dream as a kid. That, sort of, left Lily wondering because he just told her that he had some dreams to achieve.

So how those dreams did came about? Lily became even more curious. She kept bombarding him with questions. He would give silly responses like, "It's just in my blood." Lily was of course not convinced. She let it go that day. She decided not to bother him anymore.

One day, she went there as usual to spend time with the people she had become fond of. Aaron wasn't there, he had some work to tend to. Lily was there alone with his mother. Aunty Lizzie was a very friendly person by nature. Lily never felt bored around her. She would entertain her with her stories during her youth, the funny ones, the happy ones, and everything else.

She would tell her of incidents that Lily could learn from.  They had a very pleasant conversation that day and in the middle of all that, Aunty Lizzie started talking about Aaron. Lily became even more aware then. Her curiosity was being answered without even her asking about it anymore.

Aaron has two sisters. He was the middle child and the only son. He was very well behaved as a kid. He never troubled his mother at all. Aunty Lizzie did not find any difficulty in raising him.  He was a musician so he would spend most of his time with music and his violin. A turning point came in Aaron's life when he was in the tenth standard. He had lost his father then. His father held an esteem position in a government office. So his job was offered to his family on compassionate grounds.

Aaron was just too young then so his elder sister took up their father's job. After his father passed away, Aaron had a lot of responsibilities as the only male member of the family.  He did not really lived his adolescence life the way other teenagers would. He was bestowed with a lot of responsibilities. He started working at a very early age. He started his first gig at the age of sixteen and when the work was done, he got paid after eight months and that too only an amount of three hundred rupees.

But he would never give up. He eventually got into real estate consultancy which he started up with a partner who was a lawyer. He was in a partnership with her for only six months and then parted their own ways. Being a lawyer, she knew how to deal with legal matters. That was something he had learned from his partner. He later ventured out on his own with it even after he graduated from college also. In the process, he started setting up certain goals in life which led him to setting up 'Straight from the Fruit' which solely belonged to him, under his own name.

Lily then realised Aaron's dreams and the need to achieve something came about.  It was that turning point in his life that made a mark.

Aaron entered the shop soon after and she could not help but looked at him with amazement. More than impressed, she was herself motivated in a way. Lily did not dare ask Aaron anything more. He struggled, worked hard and reached where he was now. Nothing comes easy.

Lily would still go there often and she would now look at the place differently. She would sit there, feeling motivated, look around with amazement, sip either a shake or a smoothie and wondered- out of all things, why shakes and smoothies? Something she dare not ask.

By Lyngksiar N. Khongwir


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