Tete a tete with MADD- An upcoming rising band from Kalimpong

Tete a tete with MADD- An upcoming rising band from Kalimpong

From the beautiful hills of Kalimpong hails MADD, a Rock N Roll band that comprises of Mingma, Avinash, Dhonoyoe and Divyas as the drummer,bassist, vocalist and the guitarist respectively. Earlier the band was known by the name DOODLES, but later with their new band members they started their journey as MADD.  Since its inception, it has gained a good riposte and transcending the bounce of swing with their crunchy music style.

Check out our conversation with the band

TNT- Hello guys, when and how did MADD happen? What was the story behind the creation of your band?

The moment we realized the limitations within the sound of DOODLES, We understood the need to put a pause in DOODLES and peruse a sound with more texture, variance and technicality. We needed a more mature approach to reveal our full potential as skilled musicians. Leaving the past behind , we have ventured into the future as M.A.D.D on the 18thof December 2016.The concept behind the creation of M.A.D.D is actually quite simple (Chuckles)

We simply used the abbreviations of the first names of our current band Members

TNT- How about introducing the band and the members to our readers?

MADD comprises of Mingma, Avinash,Dhonoyoeand Divyas .Let's start with Mingma ,a very talented drummer and vocalist from Darjeeling who has been a part of the music scenario in the Darjeeling  hills for quite some time, being a  former member of many bands this this girl has some amazing talent.

Moving to Avinash, he has been a part of the music community in KALIMPONG since 2000.

A bassist, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to that, he had played with some of the most talented musicians in the music community across India.

Dhonyoe aka Tenzing Dhonyoe .also Jack Black of M.A.D.D. An extremely talented vocalist with tremendous vocal range and the ability to sing in 4 different languages. Inspired by some of the greats such as Elvis, CCR and traditional Tibetan opera. In short he is a dynamic singer with highly entertaining stage presence.

Now to the dreaded Divyas,a versatile guitarist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Divyas too has been a part of the music community in kalimpong since the early 2000's. He has performed at various music festivals and events around the country with Personal accomplishments in those events.

TNT- How would you describe your sound? And what's the reason behind choosing this genre?

Our sound is rock and roll dominate, with required blends of jazz, blues, funk, RnB and alternative music. Since all the members have varied taste and preference in music yet very eclectic. The blend we came up and are coming up with is really sounding in sync with all the elements in the sound as a band. The band sound is sounding good with our listeners and live audience wherever we have played.

The sing song times and catchy choruses in this genre has given us the opportunity to individually grow as musicians and explore music according to our personal liking. This makes our genre special and makes us stick to it.

 TNT- Which is the best live gig MADD has experienced till date?

There have been many special gigs but we don't seem to recall it all…hahaha.

However the last big festival we headlined at in the recent past was the festival called Mirik lakeside festival and it was a grand 3 days of music and amazing people. The organizers did a great job and we would love to be there for next year.

TNT- Are you guys working on any upcoming E.P/Album?

We had been and are still writing a long list of new tracks and have a hem piled up waiting to get out to you guys. We need to pick a select few from the pile we have written and plan to release a 10-12 song E.P.by the end of this year.

TNT- Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual?

 Mingma. – Apart from drumming, I love singing, dancing love playing different instruments like every other girl I'm fond of makeup I like creative things be it cooking or applying Mehendi.

Avinash- I like motorcycles and I love to go for long rides especially in the mountains. I'm an outdoor guy find fond of hiking, trekking, fishing and playing sports. Music and motorcycles go very well with me.

Dhonyoe- Apart from the band I do alot ally of traveling and playing at shows shoes with the Tibetan opera. As an opera singer sand a snow lion dancer, whenever I'm not traveling. I'm back in Kalimpong to manage my home stay that's what keeps me occupied.

Divyas- Apart from music there is not much I can say about me I love music production and have produced a number of songs and have plans to produce some hip hop acts. I also play sessions (so if anyone needs a guitarist or a drummer.

TNT- We wish you lots of luck with your future projects

Thank you.

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah


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