Meghalaya: NEIGRIHMS’ resident doctors stage protest over increased violence against medical professionals

Meghalaya: NEIGRIHMS’ resident doctors stage protest over increased violence against medical professionals

SHILLONG, March 22, 2017: Expressing solidarity with the doctor who was mercilessly beaten black and blue by relatives of a patient in Maharashtra recently, the doctors of NEIGRIHMS under the banner — NEIGRIHMS Residents Doctors Association (NRDA) observed March 22 as 'Protest-day' by wearing black bands to work.

"This is a way of showing solidarity to the Doctor who was beaten by patient party mercilessly without any fault during duty hours," President of the NRDA Dr Ete Tony remarked adding that the recent turn of events related to violence against medical professionals in different parts of the country is strongly condemned.

It may be mentioned that in the last two weeks, there has been a spate of violence against resident doctors and "it's becoming an alarming trend", Dr Tony said.

While an average resident doctor works for more than 100 hours a week, it's painful to see them being harassed, manhandled and physically assaulted by the very people whom they so earnestly serve, Dr Tony added.

And even more damning is the apathy shown to this situation by the different political and official institutions responsible for maintaining the law and order of the country.

The NRDA expressed disappointment over the recent statement passed by an honorable Bombay High Court judge comparing the doctors with factory workers, stating that this is a testimony to the feudal mindset that besets among them and is thus highly condemnable.

"The demand for a secure and safe working environment is a fundamental right of every citizen and is not the privilege of select government officials and ministers only and as such it is extremely difficult for doctors to continue their service in a reign of fear," said the NRDA president.

"But instead of assuaging the concerns of the doctors, it seems the government intends on coercing them to work without providing proper security or justice by threatening to terminate their jobs," he added.

Acknowledging the fact that the working conditions and public sentiments are more favorable in NEIGRIHMS, Dr Tony however maintained that in this hour of grave crisis, "We fervently stand beside our brethren who are subjected to hostility on a daily basis."
Condemning the assault on the assault on a fellow doctor, the NRDA urged the government to take the most stringent action against the perpetrators of violence while assuring the public that the normal functioning of the hospital and patient care will not be hampered in any way.

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