Meghalaya: Love at first offence! Shillong cops offer roses to traffic violators

Meghalaya: Love at first offence! Shillong cops offer roses to traffic violators

SHILLONG | Jan 17:

The act of giving roses rather than blows in chaotic times somehow lightens the mood; it is a subtle way of dousing the flames of resentment and anger; and though there are no romantic connotations attached to the act, it however, signifies a simple yet powerful expression of human emotions.

While in other states of the country where protestors were seen giving roses to police personnel during protests, in Shillong, the roles are reversed and so is the gravity of the situation.

To 'graciously' discipline traffic violators, the Shillong Traffic Police on Friday morning adopted a new kind of approach to straighten many drivers by handing them a rose instead of a slip.

This initiative is part of the National Road Safety Week with an objective to create awareness about road safety in a more unique and friendly manner, an act which of course startled many traffic violators, who received roses instead of challans for breaking the rules.

The cops distributed roses to traffic violators in several areas of the city including IGP Point, MES Point and Dhankheti point. All along these areas, cops were seen giving out roses to drivers who did not wear their seat belts, riders who failed to wear their helmets, those parking along zebra crossings, overloading by local taxis, driving without license beside others.

East Khasi Hills, Superintendent of police (Traffic), Bikram D Marak said that the the idea behind the initiative was to ensure that people remember the traffic rules and not to repeat it again. He also said that paying fines doesn't bring much discipline among the drivers.

"We should not give roses only during valentine's Day but during the national road safety week as well as it works as a reminder," he said.

Meanwhile, many violators felt that it was a good gesture from the police department and also embarrassing enough for them to remember it so as not to repeat it. Few others felt that is was unnecessary and embarrassing.

Marak also informed that this is a one day affair and the same act of letting violators go with only a rose and sweet warning will not be repeated tomorrow. "We chose to distribute roses instead of issuing challans only today which is the last day of the observance of the national road safety week," he said.

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