Meghalaya: ‘Hailstorm’ or ‘Snowfall’? Take a look and decide!

Meghalaya: ‘Hailstorm’ or ‘Snowfall’? Take a look and decide!

Shillong: On January 5 this year parts of Meghalaya in Northeast India dazzled as Mawkneng, East Khasi Hills was whitewashed with what was evidently seen as snow all over the ground as well as the trees and rooftops. However, sources said that these were hailstorm and not snowfall.

These pictures by Donly Ford Thangkhiew went viral and have been doing the rounds all over the social media with people displaying amazement and disbelief at the apparent 'snowfall' or 'hailstorm' in Mawkneng. 

It may be mentioned that Shillong has been witnessing an extremely harsh winter for the past few days with the onset of 2017. Moreover, with reports of climatic changes and their impact on the region, we never know how extreme this winter might actually become for residents.

Whatever may be the case, the beauty of the place, which is already famous as the 'Abode of Clouds' and the 'Scotland of the East' along with various other reasons seems to attract a lot more attention, at least on social media with people expressing their desire to plan a visit to Meghalaya soon.

Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourselves whether these are 'hailstones' or 'snowfall'!

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Picture Courtesy:  Donly Ford Thangkhiew

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