An exclusive interview with Radio City from Kohima, Nagaland

An exclusive interview with Radio City from Kohima, Nagaland

Radio City is a Kohima, Nagaland based hard rock band which was devised in the year 2016. It is a four piece band with hardcore leanings, basically enthralled by the sound of metal giants like White Snake, Dream Theatre, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, etc. These musicians make up a sensible lineup of good promise. A never say die spirit to strive, to promote and to live the metal dream.

TNT: Hello guys. How is it going in RADIO CITY camp?

Radio City: Hello. This is Radio City…Thanks a lot for drop-in here with us.It's quite a busy day around here gearing up preparations for our upcoming NSACS tour and we are doing great.

TNT- How about introducing to the band and the members to our readers? What was the reasons behind choosing this name?

Radio City: Yes with pleasure, It's a bunch of all teens progressive rock band formed in 2016 lined up with Along Jamir as frontman, Zajamo Kithan with the lead guitar, Razo Tenenu on bass guitar ,and one very special our new drummer Tovi Achumi on the drum.

We are inspired and flow mostly with the 70's and 80's rock music. And One day we came across a 1974's rock music Album called "Radio City" by An American rock band BIGSTARS. Then, one of the friend said, the music sounds good and the name sounds cool. Then, we had some chat and finally RADIOCITY came out as our band name.

TNT- What was the story behind the creation of the band?

RadioCity: First of all, the rock Music is our hobby, we enjoy listening to it, we enjoy to watch them, we enjoy talking about rock music and above all, we enjoy to sing rock music.

Also, we are all very good friends inspired by same genres of Music. And you know, Rock music is quite popular in Nagaland, there are lots of amazingly talented and influential senior rock musicians in our state which influence us a lot. Apart from that, there are lots of Rock festivals and events in the state where so many fantastic rockers from all over the country as well as international rock band performs which inspired us a lot.

TNT- Tell us about your single "find a way". What does the song connotes?

RadioCity: Well, This song is our debut single released just recently in indihut. The song "Find a way" is a very special song, it talks about the struggle we face in our life. Life is flooded with struggles and the song is all about the tyranny of life and our desires to get out of it.

TNT- How does RC compose its songs? Tell us about the different influences that comes into your mind while writing your songs?

RadioCity: we just jam in some particular Chords and then another, when we find something that sounds good and interesting, we pick it, modify it and practice more before giving it a final touch.

Most of the songs were written by Along Jamir, our front man. Actually, we just don't plan a particular song to write or give a time slot to song writing but it just comes to our mind in an unexpected time at any moment anywhere. While writing the songs, we draw our idea and inspiration from our daily life, it may be sometimes on the road or sometimes in the town, or while chatting with friends, during happy and sad moments, from the beauty of natures and bla blaa.., then whatever strikes our mind, we note it down and try to express it in lyrics and turn into music. That's how we derived our influences into music.

TNT- How to you work to meet up your differences in regard to your composing and songwriting?

RadioCity: Every musician has its own taste of music where we take immense pleasure in certain note. But despite of our own different interests and tastes we believe in team. Our enthusiastic effort does not end up in self but rather give the best to our band to build up a consistent and excelling band. As far as we rock and beat the tune we do it for RC and that makes us a team.

TNT- What do you guys do besides music?

RadioCity: Right now, all of us are still in college and we give importance to our education since the education is the driving force in every career irrespective of the profession. But we give most important priority to the music apart from study.

TNT- A brief insight into your future plan. What are the future perspective of your band?

RadioCity: Recently released ""find a way" is our debut single and hope you like it, currently we are working on a dozen of songs, some are in studio while some are still working on it. In near future, we hope to release a full album. But like I said before, life is all about struggle to and find a way to achieve our goal. Since, we are newly formed young band, we expects to struggle a lot to get it done with our debut album but we'll find a way.

As of now, all we know now is that we are going to stick together and go together as far as we can go no matter what comes our way. We hope to someday flourished our music to every part of the world and influence every music lovers.

TNT- We wish you good luck for your future projects?

Radio city: Thanks a lot once again.

-Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT- The Northeast Today

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