What Google paid the man who owned Google.com for 1 min

What Google paid the man who owned Google.com for 1 min

An ex-Google employee managed to own Google.com for a full minute before the firm realised its mistake.

Sanmay Ved was idly scrolling through domain names when he realised that Google.com was available to purchase. Bemused, the former display specialist decided to attempt to buy the world's most visited site, convinced his efforts would be stopped immediately.

Google has paid Sanmay Ved, the man who owned Google.com for a minute, $ 6,006.13 (about Rs 4.07 lakh) and later doubled the amount when he donated his reward to charity.

In September last year, the ex-Googler, while searching Google Domains, found that Google.com (domain name) was available for purchase. He bought the domain for $12 and gained access to its webmaster tools before Google cancelled the sale.

However, the Mandvi resident (in country's Kutch region) had said it was never about money and wanted the amount to be donated to the Art of Living India Foundation.

Ved, in a post on LinkedIn, had said he chose his award to be donated to the Art of Living's education programme which runs 404 free schools across 18 states in India, providing free education to more than 39,200 children living in slums, tribal and rural belts where child labour and poverty are widespread.

The company offered Ved a $6,000.13 reward—the numbers spell out Google, sort of—for uncovering the security flaw. When Ved said he intended to donate the reward to charity, Google doubled the amount to $12,000.

Ved wasn't the only person to get paid for highlighting a flaw in Google's services. Overall, Google gave researchers $2 million for uncovering vulnerabilities across the company's platforms in 2015.

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