Did you know, this NE India state is the third smallest state in the country

Did you know, this NE India state is the third smallest state in the country

This Northeastern state is the third smallest state in India.


Tripura is the third smallest state of India in terms of its area with approximately 10,486 square km which is approximately three times the area of Goa.

There are several theories of the origination of its name, it is said that Tripura is derived from Kokborok words ‘tui’ which means water and ‘para’ means near. Second, it is believed that it may have derived its name from the diety Tripura Sundari at Udaipur.

It is also said that the state came from the name of the king Tripur who ruled this region.

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The area of modern Tripura ruled for several centuries by the Manikya dynasty was part of an independent princely state under the protectorate of the British Empire. The independent Tripuri Kingdom (also known as Hill Tippera) joined the newly independent India in 1949.

Tripura lies in a geographically disadvantageous location in India, as only one major highway, the National Highway 8, connects it with the rest of the country. Five mountain ranges, namely Boromura, Atharamura, Longtharai, Shakhan and Jampui Hills.

The sculptures at the archaeological sites Unakoti, Pilak and Devtamura provide historical evidence of artistic fusion between organised and tribal religions. The Great Chinmoy in Agartala was the former royal abode of the Tripuri king.

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