Unscientific Uranium mining practiced in a remote area in Sohra, claims HYC

Unscientific Uranium mining practiced in a remote area in Sohra, claims HYC

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SHILLONG: The unscientific mining practices at Dorbar Lai Seng Sohsarat, a land belonging to the Raid (community) at Sohra was surfaced recently by the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) Mawlong area who claimed that the Sordar who granted the permission to practice mining in this area had kept this subject a 'secret' for years.

According to the HYC leader incharge of SWKH Ribanjop Disiar, the sordar of Mawlong village (20 kms from Sohra), (L) TK Niangrai had in 2013 granted an NOC to a West Bengal-based firm Maheswari Mining Private Limited (MMPL) to conduct mining in the Dorbar Lai Seng Sohsarat which includes three villages—Nongkroh, Tyrna and Mustoh village.

"This subject was kept a secret for many years now until recently when we discovered as many as 3-4 pits and the depth of each is 700 meters," Disiar said adding that when the organisation did a thorough research on this issue, they found out that the NOC was given by the former sordar of Mawlong village two years ago.

He also informed that in 2014, the secretary of the Dorbar Lai Seng Sohsarat, LS Majaw has sent a letter to the Director of Head Mission of the Geological Survey of India requesting it to conduct fieldwork and drilling in the community land.

The HYC leader said that Majaw had granted the permission to this MMPL through GSI to drill uranium from this area. "The whole procedure was done in a hush-hush manner as none of the office bearers are aware of it," he alleged.

He also mentioned that during an inspection conducted by HYC recently, they found out that the pits drilled in this area very deep and as per their research they found out that the GSI machines could only go as deep as 150 meters but the actual scenario says otherwise.

"So, we suspect that this practice was done by advance machineries to extract uranium in a hush-hush manner without the knowledge of the people," Disiar said adding that this unscientific mining will harm not the members in the state government or the district council but the people living in this area.

It may be mentioned that the two NOC was granted to MMPL when The Congress-led Khasi Hills United Democratic Alliance (KHUDA) was ruling in the KHADC.

Demanding immediate cancellation of these two NOCs, the HYC leader said the KHADC under the leadership of its new CEM, PN Syiem should take stock of the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest to prevent any harm that could likely cost the lives of the people living in this area, in the future.

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