Ungma, Nagaland

Ungma, Nagaland

KOHIMA, September 4: Ungma situated 10 km south of the heart of Mokokchung town in India is one of the most historically rich villages of Nagaland.

Ungma is one of the most ancient Ao villages and of great tourist interest to view the folklore, customs and traditions of Ao Naga. The ex-Chief Minister of Nagaland (the longest serving chief minister in Nagaland history), the ex-Governor of Goa and Maharashtra, S. C. Jamir, hails from this village.

Nature Park Ungma is a beautiful park located in the outskirt of the village. It was built upon a hilltop, a place also known as Tzudir Yimka.

Christmas and New Year is a very good time to visit Ungma.

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