Tripura: Rise of urban malaria

Tripura: Rise of urban malaria


Agartala: For many years, there was no sign of Malaria in the urban areas of Teliamura sub-division. The disease consistently outbreaks in the ADC areas of Mungiyakami block. The disease have taken a huge toll of lives. No measures by the State Health Department and Ministry has been taken yet in these areas to combat the disease.

Every year innumerable people are losing their lives to Malaria and Diarrhea across the sub-division and various other parts of the state as well. The poor people are the worst affected due to lack of means which entails inaccessibility to treatment.

According to Teliamura hospital sources, it has been learnt that Malaria-victims living in urban villages like Hawaibari Hadrai, Moharchhera, Kalyanpur, and Taidu have got admitted in the hospital. Apart from this, victims of the hills of the ADC areas of Mungiyakami block are getting admitted daily.

Overall, the doctors and nurses in the hospital are facing a tough time in dealing with the patients.

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