Tripura: Four injured in clash between two communities

Tripura: Four injured in clash between two communities

AGARTALA: A clash occurred between two different communities centering a graveyard and injuring four at Shalgarah in Gomati District of Agartala on Friday night night.

All those involved in the fight were taken to the local hospital. Of them, one has been referred to Agartala due to his critical head injury. He is currently reported to be in an unstable condition as per sources.

Two of them belonged to a Hindu family and the other two were from minority community. The clash occurred centering expansion of road beside the graveyard. And the road can only be expanded if a portion of the graveyard is broken or destroyed.

Due to this, both the families got involved in a verbal argument which later turned violent.Later, they attacked each other with sharp weapons. All of them were injured in the clash. Police and security personnel have been deployed in the area.

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