Tripura: Centre ensures early repatriation of Bru refugees

Tripura: Centre ensures early repatriation of Bru refugees

AGARTALA: The repatriation of Bru refugees from Tripura to Mizoram has been a major concern for the government. Bru refugees from Mizoram have been streaming into refugee camps in North Tripura since 1997.

A senior official of the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) visited Tripura to ensure early repatriation of Bru refugees to Mizoram. Joint Secretary at North East division of the MHA Satyendra Garg , met Tripura's chief secretary  Y.P. Singh and Director General of Police ( DGP) K. Nagaraj to discuss repatriation of the displaced Brus, who are currently sheltered in seven camps in North Tripura district.

On visiting the refugee camps at Kanchanpur where more than 30,000 Bru refugees have lived since they fled Mizoram in 1997 following communal violence over a land dispute with the Mizos. Garg said that the effort at present is to restart the repatriation process as per the new revised plan submitted by the Mizoram Government.

While speaking to newsmen Garg said, "As per schedule, repatriation was supposed to take place in the month of August, but for some reason it could not take place. So now, our effort is that we want to ensure that repatriation takes place as per the new plans."

Meeting with the leader of Mizoram Bru Displaced People's Forum (MBDPF) in Kanchanpur, the revised road map finalized by the Mizoram Government was discussed.

"We have basically come to understand the problems. Government of Mizoram has submitted a final repatriation plan and we have shared some of the movement plans featured here. Government of Mizoram is represented here at very high level. Basically, the idea was that all three governments involved in the repatriation have interaction with the people who are to be repatriated, understand their point of view and make this repatriation plan work in time stick," Garg added

MBDPF president Bruno Mesha said that "In the meantime, we have presented our difficulties of why we are unable to repatriate. We also submitted the certain point which is prepared by the people from here itself to be fulfilled. It is very much legitimate and humanitarian and not a difficult demand so unless and until this demand has been properly address, it will be little bit difficult to go back."

Concerned over the attacks on security forces by insurgents, Garg said the Centre has decided to increase security in the unfenced bordering areas to check cross-border insurgency. The government is giving special emphasis on the development of northeast region by encouraging investment in various sectors.


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