Trafficked 6-year-old miraculously rescued in Arunachal

Trafficked 6-year-old miraculously rescued in Arunachal

Human trafficking is the third largest organized crime after drugs and the arms trade across the globe and is one of the major problems in India. Northeast being riddled with conflict and poor infrastructure have been the target of many human traffickers.

A study across the states of Northeast has shown an increasing number of human trafficking mostly women and girls and over the years, there has been a rise in reports of missing girls from remote region of the eight states, which authorities believe is due to trafficking.

Berby Taye, a six year old child was shivering with fear and burst into tears when she hugged her father Engel Taye after one year. A cracking voice, numerous burn marks and multiple fractures on the body of the young girl speaks of her tragic experiences.

Barbie who used to stay with her father Engel at Ramdhon village in Dhemaji district on the inter-state border of Arunachal Pradesh was taken away by Talom Taloh and his wife Osi Paron Taloh promising a better life and providing free education up to her college level about a year back.The deal of taking Berby from her father was struck by a middle man Daskompany Pegu of Oyan-Jhelum near Ruksin on the Assam-Arunachal border of Dhemaji district.

On January 5, a critically-injured Berby with severe burn marks on her body was rescued by the police and a local NGO called Women against Social Evils(WASE) from the house of Talom Taloh in Misram village of Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh.

'It was found that the accused kept Berby as his domestic help and used her as a slave without taking care of her education or providing any monetary help to her father,' informed a police official, adding, "Talom Taloh, a known offender allegedly involved in killing two young girls, tortured Berby regularly,'

It is to be noted that as per police data, presently, approximately 50,000 trafficked young girls from Assam languish in various households in Arunachal Pradesh who have been engaged as domestic help.


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