Tete-a-tete with Northeast’s youngest female metal vocalist

Tete-a-tete with Northeast’s youngest female metal vocalist

If there is a saying that Northeast lacks female metal vocalists here comes a big NO to it. The land of the rising sun Arunachal Pradesh has given a little but big time star from its capital Itanagar – Asin Charu, the youngest female vocalist of the region. She stepped in first with Alien God's comeback gig at Overdrive2.0 with 'Lunatic Fringe' the Black Metallers from Guwahati.

Feeding the ears with the growls of a girl was out of surmise of the rabble. She stood like a lamp in the dark to show that in this era girls are nowhere less in the Metal scenario too. TNT – The North East Today caught up with this young talent for a one-on-one.

Hello. !! How's it going with you?

Fine. What's up?

When and how the vocal journey begin? What made you fall for Metal Music?

The major influence came from my brother .This so called "noise" he still listens to, made me pick up the mic on the stage that day. I was in my 6th grade or something when I first took a taste of metal (chuckles). I think it was a track called Maha Kali by Dissection. The music felt a little groovy, it was back then right at that moment I realized how my brother Head bangs all day long to this kind of music and chills alone. The first thought was about the vocals, about how insane and cool the vocalist was, then again the second which came running was like "what the hell is he singing?"

Then later I browsed it's lyrics on the internet to and happened to find out that the song was really about the goddess Kali after all smile emoticon.

Then again the music felt different after reading it's' lyrics. It became and became more cool and don't forget 'awesome' in a major serious third degree of it all. So I grew fond of this music and I'm still exploring.
And what made me fall for metal music? Well it's all on the music. It's all about its vastness, its subgenres, it's varied lyrical themes incorporated with some real heavy notes, the vibe and the atmosphere it creates for the listeners

Right now you are one the youngest female vocalist of the region. How does it feel to be in this genre?

So I heard (chuckles).The metal scene still expands in our region so I think I'm doing well in contributing to it. As a female vocalist think I'm inspiring many girls who aspire to be one and as for the genre I'm content with what I do because I love doing it and I feel expressive through this rebellious music

How is your support from parents?

Parental care is important to me right now and yeah I'm still a kid, still naive about the world around me and hell!!  Metal is a permeated genre from foreign countries hahaha at least I know about that. It's not like my parents are totally supportive in this matter, they think that my studies should be my first priority and being a metal fan must be reduced to be a hobby but my bro. on the wild side encourages me to do whatever I hell I want. He is a free soul on this matter, he discusses new bands with me, and we both like to explore different kind of genres so I think my brother supports me the most in the family

Who are your favorite Indian and International bands?

I haven't been a lot into the Indian metal scene but there are so many cool bands coming up on the scene lately. If it's a metal sub-genre like Deathcore then for me I prefer the good old black metal bands like Burzum, the infamous "Mayhem", Bathory, Venom, Satanic Warmaster, Tsjuder, Horna, Abyssos, Dissection, Watain and many more. The point is that I like black metal the mostbut sometimes i'm into folk metal acts as well. For all the black metal fans fromIndiaI would like to recommend you one kick ass black metal band hailing from Nagaland called "Aguares"check them out dudes!

What do you do, in your free time?

I'd be hitting my playlist, internet browsing and I go out like every girl with friends socializing and bonding. You only live once right, better make the best of it.

Any last words for our readers?

Fight for yourself and never get lost. Nurture your will as strong as steel. Stay metal stay raw!

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