Symphonic Illusion declared as winners of ‘Meghalaya Icon 6’

Symphonic Illusion declared as winners of ‘Meghalaya Icon 6’

SHILLONG: After a rugged competition among the bands of Meghalaya for the crown of 'Meghalaya Icon 6', Symphonic Illusion were declared as the winners of the battle followed by 'Safe and Sound' and 'The Lynx' as the first and second runners up.

Symphonic Illusion is a Progressive Metal-core/Death-core band from Shillong, Meghalaya formed in 2011 who recently restructured their genre from Progressive Metal to Deathcore to add more life into their musical style for the listeners.

Since this new adaptation and new line up, the band played its debut show at Shillong Battle Rock 2014 follow up by many gigs across the region.

Their lyrical theme expresses the adversaries faced by the band individually and as a whole and has a mutual experience that interfaces the struggles and quenching desires to reach their objectives as a band.

Symphonic Illusion has released two singles: Collision Theory and The Final Signs. 

(By Ritu Raj Boruah)

Image courtesy: SI official (FB page)

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