Shillong ranks last on cleanliness index in Northeast

Shillong ranks last on cleanliness index in Northeast

SHILLONG: Whenever people think of Meghalaya they would equate it with natural scenic beauty, blissful atmosphere and cool weather but now the state is no longer just known for that but for Shillong being ranked among four of the lowest states in terms of cleanliness index, that is only above Deoghar in Jharkhand, Haridwar in Uttarakhand and Raipur in Chattisgarh.

The study was conducted by the Ministry of Tourism which ranked Shillong 33rd out of 36 cities. This is a huge cause not only of embarrassment but of concern, the people of the state pride themselves of cleanliness, this however is not reflected on the roads and drains but the piles and piles of garbage that accumulates in every corner of the small town. People are seen to throw packets from moving vehicles and children after school dump plastic all over the town. Shopkeepers are also no less as they are one of the main perpetrators of this menace.

Shillong is the least clean city in the Northeast and Gangtok is not only the cleanest city in the region but also the entire country. Shillong needs to learn a little more from Sikkim since they are miles ahead of everyone in the region.

The report by the Government of India states that the city needs immediate and urgent attention and special attention should be given to public conveniences, garbage collection and disposal. Cleanliness of sewer and drainage also needs to be tackled immediately.

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