Rise in migration of wild animals from Kaziranga

Rise in migration of wild animals from Kaziranga

GUWAHATI: There seems to be an increase of animals migrating from Kaziranga National Park.A number of animals have crossed over to the Karbi Anglong forests and conservationists are worried as they have stressed there needs to be a long term safety mechanism for the animals. It is very normal for animals to travel to the Karbi Anglong districts during the floods, but trends show that the animals are not migrating during the floods only.

An ongoing camera trap monitoring by the Worls Wildlife Fund, India has so far recorded over 30 species of animals, including a tiger and black panther, that have migrated from Kaziranga to Karbi Anglong. Kaziranga is connected with the rest of the landscape through four corridors – Panbari, Haldibari, Amguri and Kanchanjuri – all of which are facing serious anthropogenic pressures.

Most of the wildlife that are migrating to Karbi Anglong are passing through community forests without disturbing the people. All the camera traps we had set up for monitoring wildlife are on community forests. If the government and NGOs come forward to give the fringe forest people some support in alternative livelihood and skill development, the cause of conservation will be benefited.

source: The Assam Tribune

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