Residents declare total lockdown for 30 days in Arunachal

Residents declare total lockdown for 30 days in Arunachal
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ITANAGAR | JULY 24, 2020:

Given the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) and the threat of the virus spreading to the Sangdopota Circle, which is attached to the capital complex, the residents including the Gaon Burah, have enforced a 30-day total lockdown in the Sangdopota Circle from July 23 to August 23.

The decision was taken on July 19 after a joint meeting organized by the residents, youth, and the Goan Burah Interim Committee.

Youth leader and Interim Committee Chairman of Sangdopota Circle, Techi Nyajung, stated that they implemented a total lockdown for Sangdopota Circle with no entry and exit into the circle.

This is the third phase of lockdown within the circle.

"With the number of positive cases increasing in the capital region, if we cannot control it on time it is a threat that will spread into the area as Itanagar capital is not too far away from Sangdopota," he said.

Nyajung also requested the residents cooperate and to respect the resolutions passed by the Sangdopota Circle.

"From July 24, the roads will be blocked and we will not allow entry and exit into the circle, except for medical emergencies and for frontline workers," Nyajung said.


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