Renovated road inaugurated in Dimapur

Renovated road inaugurated in Dimapur

DIMAPUR: The Government of Nagaland permitted the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) to collect toll taxes since January and the collected taxes has been utilized to construct roads, drainage system, dustbins etc, while also paying salaries to its employees and managing its office with the amount collected.

Appreciations were galore from various quarters for the DMC Administrator, H. Atokhe Aye and his staff for taking up various developmental works creating a history for the DMC.

MLA and Chairman NIDC Ltd, Tovihoto Ayemi who inaugurated the 12th road constructed by DMC in 12 months at Bank Colony on Tuesday praised the DMC for giving a major renovation for the municipal areas in the town. The development scheme was undertaken by the DMC for the public interest and added that the work was possible through the personal intervention of Chief Minister, TR Zeliang who permitted the DMC to collect toll taxes.

"Government provides development but the fruits to be borne out of any development depend on the unity of the people and in their ability to harness the facilities provided," says Tovihoto.

He said that the NPF-led DAN government was committed to work for the welfare of the people and appealed for support and cooperation from all sections of the society.

DMC Administrator, H Atokhe Aye explained in brief that the foremost duty of the Municipal was to maintain the town and keep it clean with basic facilities. He further said that the DMC was committed to this duty and was trying to deliver goods to the people with the limited resource the Municipal has at its disposal.

Gratitutude was shown and expressed towards the Chief Minister, TR Zeliang and Parliamentary Secretary for Municipal Affairs Department, R Tohanba for their support towards the DMC. AS well to all colony leaders, elders and the public for standing by DMC through all developmental activities undertaken by the DMC.


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