Reconsider imposition of Disturbed Area Act: Naga Hoho urges PM

Reconsider imposition of Disturbed Area Act: Naga Hoho urges PM

DIMAPUR: To support and pro-actively negotiate a peaceful solution to the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks, the Naga HOHO has urged Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to reconsider the imposition of Disturbed Area Act for the whole state of Nagaland and build public confidence by removing existing and military and extra-judicial laws like Armed Forces(Special) Powers Act 1958.

The Naga Hoho, in a memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister, drew the attention of the Prime Minister on the recent imposition of DAA to the whole state of Nagaland and reminded him that re-imposition of DAA brings ghosts of yesteryear, where Nagas have suffered enough atrocities under the Indian Armed Forces and where the memories of hurts and humiliations still runs in the public and individual memories.

The memorandum, signed by Naga Hoho president, P Chuba Ozukum and vice president, H K Zhimomi stated that the Naga population have perpetually lived under a siege of war since post-Independent India till today. It stated that the Nagas are eagerly expecting political solutions and peace under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for once and for all.

"The imposition of Disturb Area Act is inimical to freedom of individuals, since the instruments are for warlike situations, and has been received as a huge disappointment by all walks of life in the Naga community," the memorandum stated.

The Naga Hoho also highlighted that the ongoing Indo-Naga talks should not be derailed at any cost.

In the memorandum, it stated that incidents should not put to threat the confidence measures that have been invested so far, adding the blanket imposition of Disturb Area Act for the whole state of Nagaland, notwithstanding the recent acts or omissions, has deeply hurt the sentiments of the common and general desires of the Nagas.


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