Rare Sighting of Six Hornbill Birds in Khar, Nagaland

Rare Sighting of Six Hornbill Birds in Khar, Nagaland

Six Hornbill birds were sighted at Namen Min of Khar village under Mokokchung district on the 3rd of January at around 2:30pm by villagers. The Khar Village Council has confirmed that the revered birds, sighted in the forest for the first time in more than three decades, have been roosting in the dense Namen forest for about three weeks now. The Khar Village Council Chairman, Imdong Ao confirmed the report and added that the village council has served prohibitory orders banning shooting of the birds.

Located between Khar Village and Mangkolemba town, Namen forest is one of the most densely forested regions in the district. According to the village council chairman, the forest used to be a natural habitat for Hornbill birds until thirty to forty years ago where a large population of the revered birds stayed. It was initially reported that only three Hornbill birds were sighted in the forest until the six were sighted yesterday.

Though hornbills are not uncommon in other parts of the world, it is very rare to find the majestic birds in the wild in Nagaland which have the possibility of going 'locally extinct'.

According to wildlife researchers, six types of hornbills were common to the state – the Great Indian hornbill, rufous-necked hornbill, brown hornbill, oriental-pied hornbill, and the wreathed hornbill. The former three species have become extremely rare.


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