Over 400 village panchayats in Tripura fail to complete audit work for three fiscal years

Over 400 village panchayats in Tripura fail to complete audit work for three fiscal years

AGARTALA: No audit was done in more than 400 village panchayats and village committees across Tripura in three years from 2010-2013.

A government record confirmed that the Audit General of Tripura had failed to complete audit work of 4 village panchayats in 2010-11 while the figure hiked at 155 the next financial year.

In 2012-13 fiscal year, a total of 359 village panchayats was also left out of any audit work.

Similarly, the Tripura State Audit Directorate had failed to carry out audit in any of the village panchayat and village committees of Tripura Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) in 2010-11. The next two consecutive financial years, no audit was carried in three village panchayats and one ADC village committee.

Even the Panchayat Departmental Audit Team did not carry out any audit in 226 village panchayats and 114 ADC village committees in 2010-11 fiscal year. The same thing was repeated in the next two fiscal years. In detail, no audit was done in total 359 village panchayats and 124 ADC village committees in 2011-12 and 332 village panchayats and 305 ADC village committees in 2012-13 respectively.

Opposition party raised allegation that corruptions were reported in a total of 33 village panchayats under 58 Blocks.

In 2012, a total of 15 corruptions were reported, 11 in 2013 and 7 in 2014 in different blocks.

Among the total, Bishalgarh RD Block scam topped the list where misappropriation of government funds of Rs. 2, 22, 21,964 without executing works against work orders issued under MG NREGS, PDS and TFC etc were found.

Former BDO of Bishalgarh – Bimal Chakraborty and many other officials were arrested in connection with the scam.

Also, a total of Rs. 14 crore and 39 lakh was siphoned at Rupaicherri RD Block. The audit report stated that two work orders of Rs. 11.23 lakh and Rs. 18.67 lakh were issued for execution of brick soling work on the same road. As it is not possible to execute same work on the same road which was previously executed, it is suspected that either of the implementing officers had not executed the work and misappropriated Rs. 11.23 lakh or Rs. 18.67 lakh.

A total of Rs. 76 crore and 79 lakh were misappropriated at Pecharthal RD Block since April 1, 2012 till March 31 in 2014. An official report confirmed that works under MGNREGA scheme in the Financial Year 2011-12 and 2012-13 are not completed or executed and no adjustment of a total of Rs. 68.94 lakh was shown in the record.

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