Northeast Indian youth exploited by rampant Internet Job Frauds!

Northeast Indian youth exploited by rampant Internet Job Frauds!

August 10, 2017: After recent reports of numerous youth from Northeast India being siphoned off huge sums of money by middlemen from mainland India as well as from abroad, it has come to light that these agents/middlemen are making intensive use of social media platforms to victimize gullible people from this part of the region and dupe them of huge sums of money.

As per a lead given by Delhi Joint Commissioner of Police, Robin Hibu, on August 9,  five Naga youth residing in Delhi went to file a complaint for recovery of their security deposit money from SK Placement Agency located at Delhi, Kolkata and Punjab. They were assured of jobs at European countries as computer data entry, trainees for malls in Europe by luring them with very attractive terms and conditions of no fee for placement. Moreover, it was on first come first go to Europe countries, they had to submit documents for processing for employment order.

It may be mentioned that the offer was targeted at hundreds of youth( including females) having computer knowledge with English speaking background. These agents have also formed a Whatsapp group to get back their money deposited for visa fee, fake flight tickets to Europe . They have deposited around 3 crore by these hundreds of NE youth, who paid online for visa, passport and processing fee etc. They were assured that their money would be refunded from their monthly first salary in Europe. And hence, considering such offers as their dream jobs, youth from this part of the region fall for such scam only to end up losing huge sums of money.

The 5 Youth from Nagaland, falling prey to similar trap had sent their original passport and visa format for applying online including fee as charged by these countries. These so called companies had set up attractive offices at Delhi, Kolkata as well as Jalandhar with lady consultants who even briefed them personally at Delhi or by Skype and video conferencing regularly.

After desperate attempts to reach out to the SK Placement Agency, to the horror of the 5 youth, the company closed their offices in cities, deleted their websites and also switched off their mobiles. Some of the youth have reportedly even sold their mothers jewelleries to pay the fee to this company who ultimately duped them.

The matter has been brought to light by Delhi Joint Commissioner of Police, Robin Hibu who, with assistance from his NGO named Helping hands has been working tirelessly to eradicate the menace.

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