Northeast India under serious threat as Assam on hit list of Jehadi elements

Northeast India under serious threat as Assam on hit list of Jehadi elements

GUWAHATI- Though jehadi groups are yet to establish strong presence in Assam, intelligence inputs indicate that such outfits consider the State as a fertile ground for establishing strong roots.

Security sources have reported this State English Daily that so far, there have been no input about strong presence of jehadi elements in the State, but it is a fact that such elements consider Assam as a fertile ground for establishing strong roots. Sources said there is urgent need for the police and security forces to keep a close watch on the vulnerable areas to prevent jehadi elements from establishing strong bases in the State.

Sources pointed out that the police and security forces have been able to thwart attempts by the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh (JMB) from establishing strong bases in Assam following the arrests of most of the key persons of the outfit. However, the presence of JMB militants in the State came to light only after an accidental blast in Burdwan in West Bengal and till that time, no one knew about the presence of JMB activists in the State. Sources admitted that under the circumstances, the presence of sleeper cells of jehadi groups in Assam cannot be ruled out.

Security sources said the jehadi groups, in their promotional videos, had mentioned about Assam on several occasions and the ethnic clashes in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts area in 2012 gave more teeth to such elements as they mentioned about the riots on several occasions in the videos.

Sources pointed out that growing presence of the jehadi elements in Bangladesh is also a matter of concern for India, particularly for the Northeast. A major group of the JMB has already shifted its allegiance to the Islamic State (IS). The Government of Bangladesh terms that group as the New JMB, but close ties of the New JMB with the IS is a major cause of concern as such elements can take advantage of the porous international border to sneak into the Northeast.

However, India is comparatively safe till the Sheikh Hasina government is in power in Bangladesh as it is taking strong steps against the jehadi elements and trying its best to prevent growth of such elements. However, India, particularly the Northeast, may face a serious situation if a change of government takes place in Bangladesh, sources added.

Source: The Assam tribune

Image: Representational image used from internet sources

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