Nagaland Politics takes religious turn as NBCC launches massive campaign against RSS-BJP

Nagaland Politics takes religious turn as NBCC launches massive campaign against RSS-BJP

February 15, 2018

While polling in Nagaland is two weeks away, Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), the biggest church organization in the poll bound state, has launched a fresh campaign against the BJP and RSS, asking the believers to choose only between Trishul and Cross.

The apex body of Baptist has been launched the campaign fearing that voters would be seduced by money and other false promises offered by those whose hands seek to pierce the heart of Jesus Christ.

In an open letter to the presidents of all the political parties in Nagaland, NBCC General Secretary Rev Keyho said, Nagaland was a Christian majority state. We can develop ourselves if we can say enough is enough. Development was not everything and when a house was put in order, development and others followed.

Warning of Hindutva invasion, the General Secretary of the influential Christian organization in Nagaland said that Hindutva forces rise in the country and said, "we cant deny that these forces had become emboldened in past few years with BJP."

In Centre, the party in power is fighting hard to make its presence in Nagaland. Have you ever seriously questioned their intention? If not, do not be fooled, Rev Keyho said in the letter.

Rev Keyho further further said that India has experienced the worst persecution of minority communities between 2015 and 2017, and persecutions have been tripled in recent years.

"Pastors, evangelists and missionaries have been dragged openly in the streets, harassed, insulted and places of worship of minorities have been destroyed, burnt down. The Bible is openly burnt, Rev Keyho said in the open letter.

The NBCC General Secretary also said in the letter that in the past three years, many NBCC partner leaders from abroad were denied visas and barred from entering India.

Baptist World Alliance President Rev Dr Paul Msiza was barred to visit the North East India and this incident was happened last Thursday, Rev Keyho said.

He also mentioned that God must be weeping while the Naga politicians are running after those who seek to destroy Christianity in India.

Rev Keyho has raised questions on the intent of the political parties in Nagaland by asking, "Is your political party willing to sell Jesus for the sake of development?"

The General Secretary of the apex body of Baptist has now also urged the political parties not to blame each other or make false promises.

Source: India Today

(with inputs from Hemanta Kumar Nath)

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