Nagaland | Political slugfest continues between NPF and NDPP

Nagaland | Political slugfest continues between NPF and NDPP

KOHIMA, October 6, 2018


  • The opposition party accused the ruling party led by Neiphiu Rio of seeking support of few of its MLAs to form a coalition government by luring them with cabinet berths and assurance to sponsor their by-elections. 
  • NDPP Youth Organisation declared that the ruling coalition would uncover the misdeeds of the past four years and let the people judge of who was right and who was wrong.

Opposition NPF reacts to NDPP's allegations

The ongoing war of words between NPF and NDPP has intensified with the opposition party now charging the ruling party led by Neiphiu Rio of seeking support of few of its MLAs to form a coalition government by luring them with cabinet berths and assurance to sponsor their by-elections.
In a statement issued by NPF press bureau, the opposition party claimed that Rio had assured the MLAs that BJP would be chucked-out of the PDA government to form a new BJP-less coalition in the State, provided they joined him. It said that if NDPP wanted proof/evidence on this, it was every ready to do so.
NPF has also denied the NDPP allegation that its leader TR Zeliang had informed BJP that a new political arrangement would be made after tenure of Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu as NPF president came to an end.
Terming the "cheap allegation" as highly irresponsible, the opposition party condemned it in the strongest term.
NPF also charged NDPP of trying to create division in the opposition party by "cooking" fairy tales and making personalised attacks on NPF Legislature Party leader Zeliang. The opposition party, however, asserted that no amount of efforts to show its leader in poor light would work as was evident from past events.
NPF alleged that Neiphiu Rio and Abu Metha had in 2015 convened a press conference and produced fake documents of Singapore Bank in connection with the Rs 78-crore money laundering case, where names of G Kaito Aye and Noke Wangnao were used and later the two leaders were made to apologise before the people.
NPF also asked the PDA government that if it was truly stable and firm as claimed, then why NDPP did not have trust and faith on its own coalition partners like BJP, JDU, NPP and Independent.
On NDPP's allegation of what Zeliang had told BJP's central leadership and what was the latter's response, NPF remarked that it was for BJP to clarify and not NDPP.
Mentioning that NDPP's press releases were never complete without the mention of Zeliang's educational qualification, the opposition party termed it a sad ploy arising from NDPP's self-doubt and fear to cover up and stop people from discussing fake BA Honours certificate obtained by Rio from Kohima College on a holiday.
NPF also asserted that Zeliang had absolutely no hand in the mistrust that existed within the NDPP-led government and declared that it was prepared to be in the opposition and play the role of a constructive opposition party.
It, therefore, asked the ruling coalition to focus more on governance and less on its endeavour to keep the "so-called firm and stable" government intact.
'PDA not to be affected by 'false' allegations'
NDPP Youth Organisation has accused NPF of misleading people with lies and deceits, but asserted that NDPP and PDA government would not be cowed down by baseless and false allegations. The youth wing also declared that the ruling coalition would uncover the misdeeds of the past four years and let the people judge of who was right and who was wrong.
In a statement issued by its Media & Communication Committee, NDPP Youth Organisation observed that while it was the duty of opposition to play a constructive role in overall development and welfare of the State, it was unfortunate that NPF, despite being the oldest regional political party, time and again tried to mislead the people with lies and deceits.
The youth wing assured the people of the State that NDPP and PDA government's commitment to them would in no way be affected by the rumours and lies being spread by NPF. The government was focused on delivering maximum development with its slogan of transparency, accountability and good governance, it added.
According to the statement, even after elapse of seven months since the popular mandate went against it and its leaders, NPF was still trying to cling on to its last vestiges of glory days. But the regional party owed even its glory to present chief minister Neiphiu Rio, who more or less singlehandedly rescued it from doldrums of political oblivion in 2003, after which it flourished under Rio's dynamic leadership for 11 years, before being rocked by political crisis within after his departure for Delhi as Member of Parliament.
Hence, before glorifying its leader TR Zeliang for his contributions to the State during his tenure as chief minister, the youth wing asked NPF to look back where its leader was when the party was down and out after its cock symbol was frozen by Election Commission of India.
The present leader of opposition was then very much part of Congress party and was even elected on the party ticket in 2003. However, in his habit of wanting to grab power, he defected to NPF and subsequently elected as Rajya Sabha Member due to the magnanimity showed by Rio, the statement recalled.
While it was the bounden responsibility of any party at the helms of affair in the State to work of development, the youth body said NPF seemed to think that whatever little development they could usher in the last four years of the DAN government under Zeliang's leadership was his and party's personal property.
The statement pointed out that any political party could claim to have brought projects for development of the State, but it was the duty of every government to ensure that these were implemented and completed. Likewise, the PDA government was and would ensure that all projects – past, present or future – were implemented with transparency, accountability and quality maintained, it added.
Asserting that the PDA government was committed to providing better connectivity to the people, NPF Youth Organisation added that it did not, however, have any control on weather conditions, pointing out how the onset of early and unprecedented monsoons had hampered in adhering to the timeline.
Nevertheless, the government's commitment to ensure better road connectivity in the State was still a number one priority and the opposition need not cry hoarse over this issue time and again, it mentioned.
The youth wing reiterated that the PDA partners were united and unshaken despite the numerous underhand activities of the opposition party to try and cause mischief and misunderstanding.

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