Nagaland peace process under threat

Nagaland peace process under threat

The ice breaker for Nagaland seems to be under the radar once again as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government planned for overhauling the long standing issue with a deadline in November 2014 was seen as a done deal. The Prime Minister Office (PMO) last year even went to the extent of appointing RN Ravi Chairman Joint Intelligence Committee as the new official interlocutor representing the government of India for peace talks.

Dissolving the deal?
As focus towards the peace process gained momentum the Naga people looked for a new ray of hope further ahead of the plan to transform both Nagaland and Manipur into India's trade gateway but sadly the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-K) headed by Chairman S.S Khaplang had other plans backing off from the ceasefire agreement with the Indian government. The move has created a faction outrift within the group which would hamper the Modi government regarding connectivity issue via Myanmar. The Indian government is accused by NSCN (K) for taking advantage of the patriotism of the Nagas. The Indian government is concerned with NSCN (K) towards criminal activities as latest study reports on North Eastern insurgent groups having access to training facilities and command control operations within the Myanmar's Naga Self Administered Zone.

The ruling party BJP to catch hold of the undercurrent has always been a 'wait and watch' policy but instead of deterring further escalation of the violence it will be viable to be prepared. Elements of the Naga civil society has expanded its efforts for the representation of the Nagas in the peace process to find ways and means for a peaceful resolution as for the current government it has to be very cautious for mapping out ground rules for ceasefire and any rift within factional groups.

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