Nagaland gets its first Westside showroom

Nagaland gets its first Westside showroom

DIMAPUR: 'Westside', a TATA Enterprise chain store has opened up a store in the Midland- Dhobinala road near ICICI bank in Dimapur on Friday.

The credit for the initiative goes to the Kley Enterprise in Nagaland for bringing in town one of India's largest and fastest growing chain of retail stores.

Kley Enterprise is a Nagaland based business venture started by four cousins namely Kezhawhetuo (Soito) Pusa, Lhouvi Mezhur Sekhose, Elivil Pusa and Yanpvuo Kikon with a vision to create a business of value and contribute towards ushering transformation in the State by opening market and economy through collaboration and bringing in the biggest global companies to foster trade, investment and employment generation for our local youths.

However, the idea of roping in Westside in the region took almost a decade but was finally agreed upon when team from Westside visited Dimapur in 2012 for a market survey and feasibility study and was offered to the Kley Enterprise.

Established in the year 1998 as part of Tata group, 'Trent' operates the Westside chain store with its centre at Maharashtra.

The company today has established 98 Westside departmental stores measuring 8,000-34,000 sqft in floor space across 50 cities.

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